2016 Employee Recognition Dinner and Business Conference

For many years at Storage West we have been getting the entire organization together annually to celebrate our achievements during the previous year – and to take part in a day full of training and discussion to prepare us for the year to come. This annual conference is something we eagerly anticipate and we make a significant occasion out of it.

busThis year, like most years, the conference took place at the Los Angeles Athletic Club. This is where the organization behind Storage West began. This is an excellent place to host the conference as we can celebrate our history all the way back to its starting point.

It took planes, buses, cars and all kinds of transportation to get us together. Once we all arrive we typically gather to share a meal and some activities prior to our awards dinner, this year was no different. Before the main event we always gather for a group photo. It’s fun to see how much the company has grown over the years.
dinnerAfter our photograph we set out for the dinner and the honor awards. The Los Angeles Athletic Club is a delightful space for such an occasion. The staff that works there is astonishing and they take incredible care of us. This year our awards event was Western themed. We wanted to give our old tagline “It’s Best in the West” a sendoff as our company moves forward with a new mission statement “Here for You.”  Not only did our employees dress up in Western wear, the staff donned cowboy hats too.

After dinner we took20 years part in a custom that has been around since the very beginning of this organization. Pins were awarded to employees achieving milestones in their length of service with us. Gary and Sandi from Storage West Anaheim received pins for 20 years of service. WOW!

ditrictOnce the service pins were awarded some of our managers were recognized for their exceptional endeavors during the prior year. We had a considerable measure of winners in 2015. We began with a trophy for the District of the Year and worked our way up to our most noteworthy award “Best in the West”, with numerous others in the middle. This year was the last year the Best in the West award was given. A major congrats goes out to Arizona and Texas for winning District of the Year and to Tom Campbell from our Gray Road location for winning Best in the West.

best in westTo wrap things up for the night after due credit was given for everyone’s wonderful achievements during the year we continued with the celebration. This year we kept with the Western theme which included a dessert wagon, Western themed photo booth, and even line dancing!

The fun didn’t stop there however. After a good night’s sleep we assembled again the next day for the Business Conference segment. The entire organization stayed together to participate in sessions intended to help us improve in the following year. This year we heard fantastic talks about what “Here for You” really means and we got to discuss its implications with our colleagues. This was a great opportunity as many of us only see each other during this annual function. This year we adancinglso took a tour of our home office. This means our managers can now put faces to the names of people they often only get to work with over the phone. It was a really rewarding experience.

Following this excellent day of learning, talks, and making arrangements for the following year we headed back to work to implement everything that we gained. This wonderful event really sticks with you throughout the year until its time to meet again!

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