3 Things That Might Surprise You About the Storage West Call Center

When people talk about customer service, it seems like their focus is on negative interactions they’ve had. That’s understandable, especially when you consider that many American companies have outsourced their call centers to overseas locations in India or the Philippines. The result is an impersonal and often unsatisfactory experience that can be deeply frustrating to customers.

At Storage West, we take customer service very seriously. Here are 3 things that might surprise you about our call center.

#1: Our Call Center Employees Are Hired by Storage West

Our employees are part of the Storage West family, and that includes our call center. Every person who answers the phone on our behalf is hired and trained by Storage West. We don’t outsource our customer service. The Storage West call center is in the United States.

Call center employees are an essential part of what we do. They must work closely with clients and facility managers. For that reason, it makes sense to have them be local, so they can better understand what we do and how we do it.

#2: Our Employees Receive Extensive Training

When we hire a new call center employee, we take the time to train them. The job is not just about answering the phones. It’s about understanding our Storage West philosophy and building meaningful relationships with both clients and facility managers.

One of our employees, Bea, sums up the attitude of our call center employees perfectly. She says, “I like working with people. I’m just an old school customer service person.” We hire people who enjoy customer service – and it shows.

#3: We Provide Personalized Service

One of the major complaints people have about bad customer service is its impersonal nature. Even if you call regularly, it’s possible that you might never speak to the same person twice. That doesn’t happen at Storage West.

We have customers who speak to the same agent every month when they call in to pay their bill. In the event that employee is busy or out of the office, the client will send a greeting to their usual agent via the other employees. Our service is warm and friendly, not cold and distant.


The bottom line is that we pride ourselves on service. Every employee we hire for our call center is part of the Storage West family. They know the facility managers and clients and use that personal connection to provide the best experience possible, every time you call.

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