5 Kid-Friendly Projects to Keep Your Children Occupied over the Holidays

The holidays are a busy time of year for everyone, regardless of the specific holiday you celebrate. It can be a real challenge to fulfill your obligations and spend time with your family. That’s especially true when you have kids. When school is out, you’ve got to find ways to occupy them.

With that in mind,  you can do these 5 projects with your kids. Some will help you make way for new gifts and get organized, and others are just for fun.

Charitable Giving

Talk to your kids about the importance of charitable giving, and then task them with finding a particular number of toys and clothing items to donate to a worthy cause. Even very young children can pick out toys they no longer use for donation. Alternatively, you might make a trip to the mall or toy store and have each child pick out a small toy to donate to a local toy drive.

Make Way for Santa

The holidays inevitably bring a slew of new toys and clothes for the kids. One way to make sure your house isn’t buried in their stuff is to make it a holiday tradition to organize the kids’ rooms so they have space for their gifts. You can even make this project a directive from Santa himself by having him write a letter to the kids telling them that they need to make sure their rooms are ready for his arrival.

Bake for the People You Love

Most kids love baking, especially if they get to help measure, stir, and decorate. One way to bring them into the process this holiday season is to let each one of your children pick out a favorite sweet treat to make and schedule some alone time with them in the kitchen to make it. This project is a great way to get the kids involved in making teacher gifts too.

Repurpose Old Belongings

Organizational tasks don’t have to be drudgery. We all need to work at being less wasteful, and the holidays are a good time to drive that message home. What do you have around the house that can be reused in some way? You might use old pickle jars to make holiday decorations, or scrap old clothing to make a quilt. Let your kids go through their own belongings with an eye toward finding things that can be used in a new way, and then work as a family to transform them.

Write New Year’s Resolutions

This is the perfect time of year to talk to your kids about setting goals and having reasonable expectations. One way to do that is to encourage them to come up with resolutions for the next year. Make sure that their resolutions are age-appropriate. For example, young kids might resolve to keep their rooms neat or to learn a new skill. Make sure that they aren’t setting themselves up for disappointment – and include some fun things, too!

The holidays might be hectic, but with a little bit of creativity you can find ways to keep your kids entertained and occupied. These five projects are the perfect place to start.

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