How to Organize Your Storage Unit: 6 Effective Ways

Storage units can really come in handy when you do not have a lot of room around your home to store extra things. For some people, however,

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units can fill up awfully fast and get cluttered. The question is how to organize your storage unit in such a way that you have quick access to any of your items.

The goal when you choose a unit is to organize it sensibly, regardless of its contents. After all, units can hold prized possessions such as trophies, photographs, record albums, and other collections.

Certainly, they are often used for larger items such as furniture or appliances. They may hold everything you need for your business. With the Here for You Guarantee, you can feel especially confident in your decision to rent a storage unit.

Storage West makes it easy and secure for you to visit your unit during business hours, and that makes it worth your while to think of it as an extension of your home. You can use it for your holiday or party decorations, for instance. These things are out of the way until you need them. This goes back to the question of storage unit organization.

Here are six effective storage unit organization ideas that we’ve learned from our many customers.

6 Effective Storage Unit Organization Ideas

1. Shelving vs Stacking

Stacking is, of course, an easy way to load your unit. However, it may make things difficult if you want to reach a box that’s at the bottom of a tall tower. Instead, utilizing free-standing shelving in your storage unit will make the most of a small space. Furthermore, this is a cheap and easy way to expand your storage unit’s capacity to contain your prized possessions. You may have extra shelving at home that you can use.
If you are buying shelving, you’ll want something that is heavy duty and can handle whatever weight you might put on it. It is also good if you can change the shelf heights, allowing you to adapt it to your specific needs.

2. Rubber Totes

Another way to get the most out of your storage unit is by using rubber totes of varying sizes. Totes are less likely to lose their shape when stacked and more likely to protect your valuables against outside elements.

3. Label, Label, Label

When you are packing boxes, put a label on every visible side of the box. You can include the date it was packed as well as what’s in the box and any other pertinent information. A color system can help as well. You can mark things yellow for kitchen, blue for your prized collection, red for Christmas decorations, orange for Halloween, and so forth. This makes it easy to group similar items together without opening boxes.

4. Make a Video Inventory

Human memories are well-known to be unreliable. If you take a video inventory of your storage container contents, then you can make a more exact record of what’s there. While at home, you can watch the video and add the information to your record-keeping system.

5. Come Back When You Aren’t Tired

After a big move-in, you may be too tired to deal with organization right then. You can come back later and put things in a good order where you can easily find what you need. If things are well-labeled, the organizational process may go quickly.

6. Consider Getting a Second Unit

If your storage unit is overflowing with stuff, you may want to consider getting a second unit. The purpose is not just to store your items, but to store them safely. Putting too many items in one storage unit can be damaging to your items and could be dangerous when you attempt to move items out. Rather than putting yourself or your belongings at risk, spread your belongings out evenly between two storage units, or move to a bigger unit.

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