Moving tips

Fall Moving Tips: The Pros & Cons of Moving During the Autumn Months

Many moving tips focus on navigating a relocation during the busy spring and summer seasons, but there are plenty of ...
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Celebrating Small Business Saturday, Every Day!

Celebrating Small Business Saturday, Every Day! Small Business Saturday happens once a year, but it really is a good idea ...
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Thanks giving decoration ideas

Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas and Other Tips for a Happy Holiday

Thanksgiving decoration ideas don’t have to be overly complicated or off the wall. From gourds and cornucopias to seasonal colors ...
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Fall cleaning

Fall Cleaning Tips: How to Tidy Up Your Home Before Winter

Like its springtime cousin, fall cleaning provides many benefits to you and your home. Taking the time to give your ...
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Halloween organization

Halloween Organization: How to Store Your Spooky Stuff for Years to Come

Halloween organization doesn’t have to be as scary as the season itself. In fact, it’s an important part of a ...
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moving a parent

Role Reversal: Packing and Moving a Parent

Whether it’s to help them downsize, move in with a family member, or into an assisted living facility, moving a ...
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virtual learning

Virtual Learning Tips: Preparing Your Kid, Home and Environment for Online School

Once a rarity in public schools, virtual learning is now a commonly available option for educating students of all age ...
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desk organization

A Teacher’s Desk Organization is Key to Productivity

Many of us have designated desks, but a teacher’s desk is something special. It’s packed with creative projects, confidential files, ...
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comic book collection

National Comic Book Day: How to Store Your Comic Book Collection

The comic book collections of today have their origins in newspapers. The first comics were compilations of reprinted newspaper funnies, ...
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how to organize your bedroom

Reorganize Your Bedroom to Improve Your Sleep

If you’re looking to improve the quality of your sleep — and, let’s be honest, who isn’t? — one of ...
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What does it mean for a facility to have an on-site resident manager?

What does it mean for a facility to have an on-site resident manager? Question: What does it mean for a ...
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college student storage

Closet Organization and Other College Student Storage Challenges

The joys of dorm life can be compounded by the challenges of college student storage. Tight living spaces require some ...
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Dorm Room Storage: How to Organize Your Dorm for Comfort and Convenience

A dorm room is home base for busy students who need convenience and comfort amid classes, part-time jobs, extracurriculars and ...
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Dorm Room Hacks: What to Pack for College

For many first-time college students, it’s their first time living alone and solely managing their living space. This thrill can ...
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From Dorm to Apartment on a Budget

Going from a dorm room to your first apartment is a milestone. For many people, it represents their first real ...
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How to Pack Fragile Items

How to Pack Fragile Items

Whether you’re getting ready to move to a new home or simply packing up some belongings to put into storage, ...
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tiny house storage ideas

8 Tiny House Storage Ideas to Make Life Easier

Housing prices and construction prices keep going up and up, and there is limited land on which we can build ...
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self storage size guide

Self-Storage Size Guide: How to Rent the Right Size Unit

Deciding which storage unit size to choose is difficult for some people.  That’s why a self-storage size guide is a ...
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Can I set up automatic payments thumbnail

Can I set up automatic payments?

Question: Can I set up automatic payments? Answer: Yes, you can set up automatic payments through your Storage West account ...
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man cave ideas

Bros Only: The Ultimate Man Cave Ideas

These man cave ideas will make your “mantuary” your favorite place to relax, indulge in hobbies, spend time with the ...
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Storing Valuables

Keep Your Heirlooms Safe With These Tips on Storing Valuables

Whether retiring or simply reducing their carbon footprint, many people are choosing to downsize from their large home to a ...
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