office move

How to Oversee a Successful Office Move

If you are the manager or business owner, there’s much to think about if you need to relocate your office ...
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What security measures are used to protect my belongings?

Question: What security measures are used to protect my belongings? Answer: Here at Storage West our properties are fully fenced, have ...
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free boxes

Should You Use Free Boxes for Moving and Storage?

A lot of people try to save money when they’re moving by getting free boxes from friends or from local ...
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things to do in Santa Ana

The Top Things to Do in Santa Ana

Santa Ana is a city with a lot to offer. If you live there, you might lose sight of its ...
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salt river fields at talking stick

Get to Know Salt River Fields at Talking Stick

The Salt River Fields at Talking Stick and the Talking Stick Resort are two reasons that draw people to the ...
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renting a storage unit

What to Ask When Renting a Storage Unit

Renting a storage unit can be a tricky proposition. You want to know that your treasures and heirlooms will be ...
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spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning Starts with Organization

Spring cleaning organization is key to success. Whether you’re an old hand at this ritual or this is the first ...
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how to clean your room

More Dorm Room Hacks: How to Keep Your Room Clean

For college students, keeping their dorm rooms clean can be a real challenge. Balancing classes, labs, and socialization with the ...
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Dorm Room Hacks

Dorm Room Hacks: Tips for College Student Storage

The average dorm room has only 228 square feet of living space. That’s not much, and yet students must fit ...
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what not to put in storage

What Not to Put in Storage

If you ask a random person what they have in their storage unit, you’ll get a different answer from everyone ...
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best place to get moving boxes

Where to Get Moving Boxes

When you’re moving from one place to another, packing is an important task. You need to be methodical and organized ...
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how to clean garage 390

How to Clean the Garage: Three Important Steps Plus Helpful Video

Cleaning and organizing your garage can be a huge challenge, especially if that storage space has turned into a dumping ...
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wine storage

Best Wine Storage Ideas and Tips

Have you just started to collect wine? Or, are you a wine connoisseur? Either way, you might be wondering if ...
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messy roommate

Organizing Tips: How to Live with Messy Roommates

Sometimes a living situation turns into a real-life version of The Odd Couple. You’re neat Felix Unger and your messy ...
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storage space

RV Storage Ideas: Finding Space for the Things You Need

When you live life in an RV, you have to learn to travel light.  The best RV storage ideas start ...
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packing tips

Packing Tips for Moving a Washer and Dryer

Moving to a new home is a big job.. That’s true even if you only move furniture and clothing. Moving ...
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5 x 10 Storage Unit: Home Storage Solution

Ideally, every home or apartment would come with ample storage for the residents’ needs. Usually, that’s not the case – ...
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College Organization Tips: Makeup Storage

In a dorm room — and even in an apartment — there’s never enough space for all of your beauty ...
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Sports Equipment Storage

Sports Equipment Storage Ideas for the Off-Season

If you are a sports enthusiast, chances are you have plenty of sports equipment laying about. Involved in more than ...
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5 x 5 storage unit

5 x 5 Storage Unit: Low Cost Home or Office Option

At Storage West, one of our smaller storage unit measures five feet by five feet. We sometimes refer to it ...
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Tiny House Storage Ideas: How Some Make This Lifestyle Choice Work for Them

The Tiny House Movement has been growing over the past few years. TV shows, news reports, and even DIY blueprints ...
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