An Added Benefit For Everyone

How would you like to do a nice thing without spending a dime, help your family and friends with their self-storage needs, and receive $25 while you are at it? Now you can.

Storage West’s 25/25 Referral Program works through a discount card that offers your family and friends $25-off their first month’s rent whenever they rent any storage space from us. The discount card has your name on it, so they will know that it is coming from you. When they redeem it at any of our locations, we will send you a check for $25, thanking you for your referral.

It’s that simple! Your family and friends get a great discount, you get to help them as well as make some money for yourself, and we rent more spaces.


Self-Storage Professionals Who Care

Storage West Self Storage has a tradition of delivering outstanding customer service and value that is unmatched in the self-storage industry. We are self-storage professionals who care.


Contact us for more information or to request some personalized cards.

Here’s who you can help when you share your $25-off card:

  • your mom, dad, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, cousins!
  • your friends, neighbors, coworkers and boss (yes, even them!)
  • your mechanic, your hair stylist, your child’s teacher
  • the nice guy who mows your lawn, the nice lady in the check-out line
  • You!