Accessibility Compliance

  • When feasible, the Storage West website will adhere to level A of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0). This determines products should be:
    – Perceivable: Available to be seen or heard through assistive technologies
    – Operable: Available to all users through any available device and/or assistive technologies
    – Understandable: Content clearly seen or heard through any available technology or device
    – Robust: Content accessible via many types of technologies, assistive or otherwise
  • Storage West will strive to improve access to information by all users, including people with disabilities or impairments, by following User Centered Design (UCD) best practices which include: understanding users, designing around their needs, and evaluating via usability testing.
  • A Storage West accessibility policy statement will be readily available on all internal and external Web sites, along with contact information regarding accessibility issues. Storage West is committed to making this Web site accessible to all individuals. We strive to adhere to the Section 508 Guidelines for Web. We also strive to meet the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Version 2.0.

For any questions or to report an accessibility issue use our accessibility contact form.