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Apartment Hacks: No Closets? No Problem

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Apartments can be difficult to fit into. This is especially true if you have many roommates or a large family. It is even more difficult if apartment living is the result of sudden downsizing from a house. Whatever the reason, you need some apartment hacks to figure out your storage space.

If you don’t have many closets, space is an even bigger problem. Moving into an apartment with one small closet (or less!) per person may seem like a nightmare. Living in an apartment crowded due to the number of belongings and furniture can cause stress between roommates or family members. With a little creativity and elbow grease, there are ways to work around this storage obstacle.

Decluttering Your Apartment

If you are getting ready to move into an apartment, the time to declutter is now. If you are already in a new place, it’s never too late to start.

Sort through clothing, sports equipment, and other items. Decide whether you need them on a daily basis, a seasonal basis, or not at all. The latter category can go straight to the trash, donation, or yard sale pile. Seasonal items such as winter clothing should be grouped together so that off-season things can be stored away in a garage, attic, or off-site storage unit. Regular use items are the only things you need to worry about.

Small Apartment Ideas for Storage Space

For clothing, you may be able to find an armoire or standing closet. These are large pieces of furniture that provide space for hanging clothing and other items. If you want to be creative, check out thrift stores and estate sales to find a vintage pantry or cabinet that you can turn into an armoire. Just add a bar and/or hooks and paint or refinish the outside to match your decor. An old athletic or school locker may come in handy for this purpose.

If you are okay with exposing your clothes and accessories, consider purchasing a garment rack. They come with and without wheels and some are covered with vinyl or cloth to provide dust protection. An old-fashioned standing coat rack is another option. Or you can get an over-the-door rack with bars or hooks. You may prefer to create your own clothing storage by installing hooks and bars directly to the walls of any room. You can learn more with these apartment hacks.

Platform Beds and Other Ideas

The best organizational methods find ways to make the most of the space without crowding. A platform bed is a favorite because many items can be underneath it. If it is high enough you may be able to put furniture under it. If you can’t afford that option or don’t want to sleep up high, there are risers that will put your bed higher off the ground, creating room for storage boxes underneath it.

Multipurpose furnishings are another ideal choice. An old trunk can store blankets and linens while serving as a table or a coffee table that has storage. Bookcases can be used for storage by adding decorative boxes, baskets, or organizational containers.

To a certain extent, there will always be more belongings than there is storage space in an apartment. As such, a storage unit is an inexpensive way to increase your storage space. You can use it to deal with seasonal items, large collections, and other belongings that you don’t need every day.

With many sizes to suit different uses, Storage West storage units can house all of your off-season sports gear, for instance. The extra set of dishes that came from your grandmother can be lovingly stored until you have space for them. Likewise, furniture pieces can be kept instead of given away or sold for a tenth of their actual value. You can buy in bulk and keep those products in your unit. You can use our homepage to start the online rental process.

If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of belongings in your apartment or if you are moving into an apartment, feel free to reach out to Storage West. Our convenient online storage guide will help you evaluate what size storage unit will fit your needs.

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