Best City for Accounting Jobs – Richmond, TX

People and companies always need accountants to help them keep track of their finances and stay in compliance with tax laws. When you think of accounting jobs, you might first think of big financial centers like New York City or Chicago, but sometimes the best jobs are not found in the biggest cities.

Our pick for the best city for accounting jobs is Richmond, Texas. It might not have the cache of Wall Street, but if you’re in the market for an accounting job, it’s a good place to look.

About Richmond

Richmond is a small city in the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land greater metropolitan area. Its population is only 11,679 per the 2010 US Census, but as the seat of Fort Bend County, it has plenty to offer.

This is a young city, with an average age of slightly over 30. It’s also racially diverse, with large Latino and African American communities.

First incorporated in 1837, the city has many historical homes, some of which have converted to businesses. However, it also boasts many modern amenities including large retailers for shopping. In many ways, Richmond offers the benefits of living in a small town combined with some of the perks of living in a city.

Income and Housing

The average per household income is $35,801, well below the national average of $56,516. However, the raw numbers only tell part of the story.

For example, the median cost for owner-owned housing units, including stand-alone homes and condominiums, is just over $102,000. That’s less than a third of the national average, which stands at $315,000.

The average rent is similarly low, coming in at only $705 per month. Anybody who moves here in search of an accounting job will be able to find affordable housing.

Accounting Jobs

The primary industry in Richmond is government. As the county seat, it hosts most of the government jobs for Fort Bend County, including accounting jobs.

However, it’s the city’s proximity to other metropolitan areas that makes it an ideal spot to seek account jobs. Richmond is only:

  • 3 miles from Houston
  • 2 miles from Sugar Land

For those who don’t mind a longer commute, the city is 61.3 miles from The Woodlands.

The easy commute combined with the city’s low cost of living make it an appealing choice for people seeking jobs in the accounting industry.

Other Employment Opportunities

If you have a spouse or partner, you may be wondering what employment opportunities exist for them in Richmond. As stated earlier, the city’s primary industry is government work, and there are ample opportunities there for non-accountants.

According to, the city’s other main employment opportunities come in education, healthcare, construction, and retail. And as mentioned above, the proximity to Sugar Land and Houston offers an easy commute to additional employment opportunities.


Richmond can’t compete with Wall Street in some ways, but anybody who wants an accounting job away from the hustle of the big city should consider moving here. The city’s affordable housing and laid-back charm have a great deal to offer.

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