East Houston - Best city for medical jobs

The Best City for Medical Jobs: East Houston, Texas

East Houston - Best city for medical jobsOf all the job sectors in the United States, the healthcare industry is the fastest growing industry. In fact, it added more jobs in 2016 than any other industry.

Anybody in the medical profession knows that some cities are better than others for finding jobs. While we might tend to think of cities such as New York and Boston as being ideal places for medical jobs, they are also expensive places to live.

Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals might consider a move to East Houston. This attractive and affordable metropolis is our pick for the best city in the United States for medical jobs. Here’s why.

A Choice of Hospitals

In order for a city to be a good job center for the medical profession, it must have good hospitals – and East Houston does. While some medium-sized cities might have only one or two hospitals, the Houston area has nearly twenty.

The hospitals in the area include general hospitals as well as orthopedic hospitals, children’s hospitals, and other specialty centers. And that doesn’t even include community medical centers, doctors’ offices, and health services companies and labs. There is plenty of opportunity here for anybody in the medical profession.

Job Availability

East Houston for medical jobsThere are so many medical jobs available in East Houston now that only one in eight positions is filled. The Texas Medical Center is the area’s largest employer, and the city is in the midst of a healthcare construction boom that promises to keep adding jobs for the next several years.

With the demand high and growing, experts estimate that even looking ahead to 2020, the healthcare sector will still be the area’s fourth-highest job creator. Those numbers are good for workers since they always do best when the demand for skilled labor is high.

Competition and Growth

Any medical professional who wants to advance in their career needs opportunities to grow. In an area where medical jobs are few and far between, that can be a real challenge.

That’s not a problem in East Houston. In fact, with demand much higher than the current supply of medical workers and likely to remain that way, qualified job applicants can ask for – and get – very competitive salaries.

Likewise, people who want to move up the ladder in their chosen field can do so with far greater ease when there are plenty of jobs available than they can when the demand is low. Companies that are already short-staffed don’t want to lose employees and may, as a result, be likely to reward good performances with promotions and raises.

Cost of Living

While the cost of living in East Houston has risen slightly in recent years, it is still quite affordable compared to other big cities. Medical professionals who move here may be pleasantly surprised by the prices they find.

Housing costs hover close to the national average, which makes East Houston considerably less expensive than many other cities with lots of medical jobs.


With plenty of jobs available, opportunities for medical professionals abound in East Houston. The icing on the cake is the city itself – a lively, diverse, and family-friendly melting pot with more than 50,000 acres of green space.


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