Buying Next Year’s Christmas Decorations on Clearance

It can be fun to add new Christmas decorations to your collection every year, or even to change up your décor completely for each holiday season. However, it can also be expensive – particularly if you buy your ornaments, lights, and other decorations before Christmas.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. Instead of waiting until next November to buy new decorations, buy them after Christmas instead. And while you’re at it, you can stock up on some things you can use year-round! Here are some things to keep in mind.

Shop Early

The first thing you need to know is that the earlier bird gets the worm – at least when it comes to having the biggest selection of items. If you hit the stores early on December 26th, you’ll have your pick of everything that went unsold before Christmas. That’s especially true of stores like Wal-Mart, where eager clearance shoppers line up the morning after Christmas.

Shop Late

The early bird might get the best selection, but the bird who waits a week or so after Christmas may end up getting far deeper discounts on what they buy thanks to their patience. Drug stores and grocery stores often have a hard time unloading Christmas overstock, so if you wait a week or so you might be able to get what you need at a fraction of its original price.

Make a List

Before you hit the stores, it’s a good idea to have a feeling for what you want to get. That doesn’t mean that you can’t grab something on the spur of the moment, but being focused will ensure you don’t miss anything you need. You might decide to focus on certain items, like ornaments or lights, or certain colors, like gold and silver.

Shop for Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day

The thing about the colors red and green is that they’re not just for Christmas. Red candy and decorations can do double duty on Valentine’s Day, and green decorations and candy are just perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. There’s no reason your post-Christmas shopping spree can’t take care of more than one holiday!

Start Next Year’s Gift Shopping

Not all post-holiday sales focus on decorations. You may also be able to find deep discounts on holiday-themed gift sets and bundles. Buying them now will save you both time and money in the coming year – and ensure that you have the gifts you need for birthdays and other occasions.

Stock Up on Craft Items

After Christmas, many stores place crafting items on sale – and many of them are suitable for year-round use. For example, wrapping paper in colors other than red and green – including beautiful metallic and solid color papers – are useful for birthday and special occasions. Likewise, candles and ribbon in every color of the rainbow can be used for events such as weddings. If you have such an event coming up and you find items in your chosen colors on sale, you can save a lot of money by buying them on clearance.

Shopping Clearance Sales Makes Sense

If you have the means to do it, it makes good financial sense to shop for next year’s decorations as soon as the holidays are over. You’ll save money – but you’ll also cut back on the amount of stress in your life when the next holiday season arrives. Put your decorations in storage until Christmas arrives again.

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