Can you Store or Ship Snow?

Snow is one thing that is in abundance in many corners of the US this winter. Some cities have had storm after storm, with snow piling up by the foot. Other places are experiencing their first snowfall of the century, or at least the decade.

With all the white stuff accumulating, you have to ask: would you ever want to store snow? Or pack it up and ship it someplace? Well, here’s the answer.

With all the snow in Boston, one man has set up a business where he’s shipping snow to sellers in warmer climates:

Then there’s this story explaining how the Russians manufactured and stored snow for the 2014 Winter Olympics. It was the largest snow storage project in history with some 16 million cubic feet of snow stored around the Olympic site:

One thing common to both stories: There’s no guarantee that the snow you store or ship won’t melt.

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