Chandler Art Walk

At Storage West we aren’t shy about our connection in the community. We make it a point to stay up to date on what’s going on in the areas around our stores. We think everyone should know what we know too. That’s why we make sure to share what we find out on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Chandler Art Walk

You’ll see an example of this on our Chandler Facebook page. Our manager let us know about the Chandler Art Walk that happens every third Friday so we shared that on our community page.

What better way to stay connected to the community than to get out in person and browse local art?

At the Chandler Art Walk you and your whole family can enjoy displays of painting, photography, glass, pottery, woodworking, and many other forms of art. There’s really something for everybody’s taste. Local musicians are present as well.

The Art Walk is also great for local artists, and for local businesses too. Each month, hundreds of people gather to peruse the art selected for display. That brings lots of attention to those businesses in the downtown area. Chandler has done a lot to revitalize the main drag in downtown and this is just one more way that work can be appreciated.

We hope that if you’re local to Chandler you’ll take the time to stop in on the next third Friday coming up. If you’re not in Chandler, tell us, what’s going on in your area that we should know about? Make sure to connect with us online so we can stay informed about what’s going on around our facilities and stay as connected as possible to our local communities.

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