Chandler Highlight – improvMANIA!

Storage West Chandler isn’t just located in Chandler. We really strive to be a part of the community there. This is true for all of our facilities in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Texas. In order to accomplish this task, we have to really stay on top of what’s going on in our communities.We want to be a good neighbor to places like ImprovMANIA, and be sure to stay involved.

Consistent participation and interaction with the larger community is part of a Storage West manager’s job description. What a fun job, right? We make sure that our managers don’t just keep this knowledge to themselves though, we maintain a sort of community board on Facebook as well as Twitter where we post all about what’s going on. For example, on the Chandler pages you’ll see that they recently posted about improvMANIA, Chandler’s newest entertainment source.


ImprovMANIA opened up in Downtown Chandler at 250 S Arizona Ave, Chandler AZ 85225 and we sure are glad they did. This group is HILARIOUS. They do shows every Friday and Saturday night at 7:00 and 9:00. The 7:00 show is family friendly and great for all ages. They let their hair down a bit in the 9:00 show, it’s rated PG13.

If you’re from the Chandler area, we highly recommend you check them out. If this isn’t your thing, let us know, what else is going on in the area? Share with us! It’s fun stuff like this that really makes a community special. When we say we’re “self-storage professionals that care” we don’t JUST mean that we care about storage and customer service when you’re behind our gates. We also care about our community more generally, and want to be a part.

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