Christmas clean up

Top 10 Christmas Clean-Up Hacks

Christmas clean up

Everyone can use some helpful tips for a good Christmas clean. Tidying up after the holidays and storing all of your Christmas decorations is a big chore. So we put together some Christmas clean-up hacks, including how to save Christmas wrapping paper rolls.

How to Store Christmas Ornaments

  • Hot glue rows of plastic cups onto a sheet of cardboard that will fit your storage box. Store your Christmas ornaments individually or in small batches in the cups. Stack into a plastic bin. Safe and sound for another year, your ornaments should be easy to unpack next year.
  • Save small boxes you receive from Christmas present shipping. Use these as organizational boxes inside your bigger bins. Store similar, oddly-shaped items in empty shoeboxes.
  • Put glittery items into a ziploc bag to keep them from making a mess. Do the same with really small items, such as ornament hangers, to keep from losing them. To prevent losing the baggies, tape them inside of a box or bin.

How to Save Christmas Wrapping Paper Rolls and Ribbons

  • Save the cardboard tubes from your wrapping paper. When Christmas is over, use the tubes as a wrapping paper holder. Cut a slit in the tube and wrap it around the wrapping paper roll you want to save.
  • Use paper clips to store strands of ribbon. Fold the ribbon onto itself in an accordion-style fashion. Once you have folded up the entire ribbon, go ahead and secure it with a paperclip in the middle.

How to Preserve Christmas Wreaths and Lights

  • Use a clothes hanger and fasten it to the back of your wreath using a zip tie. Use a plastic bag and cut a hole out of the top of your bag. Slip the hanger right through the hole of the plastic bag, to protect the wreath.
  • Prevent tangling up your Christmas lights by wrapping them around a hanger or a piece of hard cardboard.

More Christmas Storage Hacks

  • Use the same color markers to tag your Christmas boxes. You can also tape a large square of Christmas paper on each one to make it obvious if you are looking at it from a distance. Finally, count your boxes and then number them like this: 1 of 11, 2 of 11, 3 of 11, etc. This will ensure you find them all next Christmas.
  • Christmas decorations aren’t needed for 11 months a year. Consider investing in a storage unit for a secure place to put your holiday decorations in year-round. This will give you plenty of space for artificial trees, lawn inflatables, and other large objects.
  • When putting away your Christmas boxes, take the time to put the spring decorations (Easter, etc.) in front, then summer, and then fall (Halloween, Thanksgiving). This way you won’t have to dig around to find the next holiday box.

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