clothes folding tips

Clothes Folding Tips

Here is a video outlining some cool clothes folding tips.

This video includes tips on how to fold something with a hood, towels, and dress shirts.

Hooded shirts often cause unevenness in stacks because of the extra material. This video can show you how to avoid that. You don’t want your stuff to look sloppy. The first step is to hide the hood within the fold. This way it won’t be sticking out. Next, you’re going to want to fold the arms inward. All the while, you’ll be wanting to “square up” your folds. Think about what shape you want your stacked hoodies to be in when you’re all finished. If you keep that in mind throughout, then you’ll be on the right track the entire time.

Another method you can use when folding hoodies is to start by tucking the hood inside of the sweater or shirt to begin with. This is really accomplishing the same thing of hiding all unneven edges to create the square profile that you’re looking for, to make nice even stacks.

Next up is how to fold towels. Clean My Space shows you how to accomplish this easily. To start with, you’re going to want to lay your patterns down first. Then fold it in half “hot dog style”. After that you fold your hot dog in half, and then into thirds. What’s left is a beautifully folded towel, just like at a fancy hotel. Be sure that when you put your nicely folded towels away you’re hiding the fold seams in the back, so you just get one nice seam in the front when you’re looking into your linen closet, or bathroom rack, wherever you keep your towels.

To check out the rest of the tips be sure to watch the whole video!

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