College Organization Tips: Makeup Storage


In a dorm room — and even in an apartment — there’s never enough space for all of your beauty products. The lack of storage, especially if you don’t even have a makeup drawer, can make it hard to get ready in the morning when you are late for class. Proper makeup storage just might make a big difference in your college routine. We’ve pulled together organization tips that may help.

We’re in the storage business, and we get asked a lot of questions. If your dorm room is feeling too small, you can get a storage unit and enjoy a private place where all of your extra belongings can be kept until you need them. That should leave you room for your beauty products and, of course, your books!

How Should I Organize My Makeup?

You are ready to make a change. What’s a good way to do it? You can start by sorting your beauty products into categories. One of the best decluttering tips is to gather baskets or boxes for sorting. If you can’t do that, you can sort everything on a flat, clear surface like the kitchen table or a large coffee table.

One basket or pile is for extras that can be put away until they are needed. Other bins may be used for makeup, lotions, nail polish, and hair products. Basically, you will need to decide how best to separate them based on what is in your personal collection. There may be old bottles and half-used tubes that you don’t need any more. Those should be thrown away or recycled immediately.

As you sort everything into categories, think about when you use it. Some items are primarily used in the morning. Some are used each night. Others are used only a few times a week or perhaps just on the weekend. This will help you narrow down what should be kept close at hand and what can be put away.

You may have a makeup drawer in your dorm or small apartment, but it’s just as likely you don’t. So you’ll need bins to keep your items separated. In this case, you may want to get countertop makeup storage. If you do have a makeup drawer, you can buy organizers or find small boxes to act as dividers.

A simple organization tip is to utilize plastic sandwich bags with zipper tops. These can handle your small items, keeping that expensive lipstick from rolling away. Plastic bags can also keep things clean, preventing your makeup brushes from falling on the dirty carpet. You can keep these see-through bags inside of your makeup organizer case, helping you find what you need quickly.

What is the Best Makeup Organizer?

Each person may have a different answer. That’s why we provided the video below for some cool tips for storing makeup and other cosmetic items. You’ll also see some great equipment you might want to buy which could be super helpful in a small space. Your dorm room might be smaller than the bedroom you grew up in, and the bathroom might even be down the hall. Saving space where you can is extremely important.

Don’t forget about organizing your nail polishes too. These tiny bottles can take up more space than you realize. This video will show you an excellent method for storing your nail polish. Make sure to check out the secret compartment she shows you. Hidden storage is always the way to go when you can. For another smart tip, check out how the organizer she used actually stopped a spill from ruining everything.



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