Containers Vs Self-Storage Units

The arrival of storage pods has radically changed the notion of self-storage.  While there are benefits to using mobile units, there are many instances where a traditional self-storage unit is better.

How Mobile Containers Works

The commercials have been running for years showing all the benefits of a mobile storage shed or pod.  The company delivers a container to your home and you take your time loading it up.  Then, when it’s full, the company moves it to a storage lot or, if you are moving, they take it to your new home for leisurely unloading.

The convenience and ease of using a container are its main selling points.

Disadvantages of Containers

While there are some benefits to taking the container option when you are moving, using it as a storage option has several disadvantages.

Cost is the first hurdle.  You will have to pay more to unload the unit at home.  While it will require more manpower to transport your stuff to a traditional storage unit, you will pay considerably less for a larger space than you will with a container.

Lack of air cooling or conditioning is another big disadvantage to pods and other containers.  Many items being stored need to be kept at reasonable temperatures and containers just don’t have that functionality.

Advantages to Self-Storage Units

Regular units have even more advantages besides affordability and air cooling or conditioning.

It is relatively easy to access your stored items in a self-storage facility.  You drive to the unit, sometimes right to the door of your unit, unlock it, and check, add, or remove items during the facility’s business hours.  With mobile units, the containers may be deposited on large lots or even stacked on top of each other, making it difficult to get to your belongings.

Security can also be an issue, though that will vary from company to company.  Most self-storage companies have electronic gates and doors that require personalized key codes to even enter a storage facility. Then there are locks on each unit and, usually, security cameras and staff.  Containers may be deposited in a remote location or industrialized area and, as a result, offer minimal security.

When investigating what type of storage works best for you, be sure to investigate each of these areas and be sure that you are getting the type of storage that suits your specific needs — and that you aren’t overpaying for it.

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