Craft Room Storage

One thing home design blogs and magazines are good at is giving readers major room envy. Do you have a craft room? Then you’ve no doubt seen many shelving units and systems designed to organize every kind of crafting supply you can imagine. Then you look around your craft room – or craft corner — and sigh. Craft room storage can be yours though.

Craft Room Organization

Take a deep breath and realize that you’re already halfway to an organized — and original — craft room. After all, you have all sorts of creative ideas when you’re crafting. And if you’ve organized your kitchen or bathroom, you can adapt some of those storage hacks.   Now you just need to take those ideas and re-think traditional storage. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Convert organization solutions from other rooms of your house. Use an umbrella stand to store large rolls of paper. Wind yarn on a paper towel holder. Take the paper trays from your office and use the desk organizer for paint brushes instead of pens.
  • Buy one or two large pieces. A china hutch, an old armoire, even a vintage refrigerator can be refinished and converted into unique storage cabinets.
  • Mount jars, baskets, boxes, planters, or other containers on the wall to hold all manner of craft supplies.
  • Get magnetic strips or buy magnetic paint to turn a vertical surface into storage for scissors, needles, and other metal tools. You can even use small, metal cups and boxes against the magnet for organizing small items.
  • Rather than installing a huge bulletin board, purchase a roll of cork “contact paper” that can be adhered to most surfaces so that you can pin photos, articles, instructions, and inspiration where you choose.
  • Organize small items in drawers using jewelry box trays, ice cube trays, or re-purposed egg cartons. Another creative idea is to take a makeup case, fishing tackle box, or even a tool box to organize your goodies.

If you find your ideas stalling, try wandering through a thrift store, yard sale, or dollar store and see just how many ways you can turn jars, boxes, cups, baskets, school boxes, hangers, suitcases and other everyday items into awesome craft storage.

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