Crayola Experience to Open in Chandler

There are few things more reminiscent of childhood than a brand-new box of Crayola crayons. Whether it was the small 16-count box or the giant box with 64 colors and a built-in sharpener, it was easy to get excited about a row of brand new crayons.

Kids living in and around Chandler will soon have a new way to experience the delights of coloring with crayons. Why? Because Crayola is opening a 20,000-square-foot Crayola Experience crayon factory at the Chandler Fashion Center Mall.

A Rainbow Experience

At present, Crayola has opened Crayola Experience locations in four markets:

  •   Orlando, Florida
  •   Bloomington, Minnesota
  •   Easton, Pennsylvania
  •   Plano, Texas

The Chandler location will be the fifth and it offers kids an array of crayon related experiences. They’ll be able to star in a coloring book page, make spin art from melted crayon wax, and pose for pictures with Crayola’s kid-friendly mascots.

The company is also teasing some new experiences that will be unique to the Chandler location. They’re not giving any hints about what those might be, but you can bet that they’ll be colorful and fun.

In addition to the museum, there will also be a 4,000-square-foot Crayola store. In addition to crayons, you can expect to find Crayola tee shirts, plush toys, and other fun gifts and souvenirs.

The store will be located at the west side of the Chandler Fashion Center Mall near the food court. Because it offers more than shopping, it’s expected that the Crayola Experience will become a destination for parents in search of a fun activity to do with their children.

An Affordable Luxury

The Crayola Experiences is a hybrid of a theme park, a museum, and a store. Because it’s more than just a place to shop, you should be prepared to pay for admission.

The admission price is $14.99. That might seem like a steep price to pay for shopping, but the company’s goal is to make every trip to The Crayola Experience unique and memorable for families. It’s worth noting that while season pass prices have not yet been announced for the Chandler location, the passes at the other four locations range from $30 to $35. In other words, your annual pass can pay for itself after just two visits.

Of course, if you just want to swing by to pick up a quick birthday or holiday gift, you can do that too. The retail store is open to the public – that means you won’t need to pay admission if all you want to do is a little shopping.

Creativity and Play

It’s likely that parents in Chandler will embrace The Crayola Experience as a destination. After all, crayons are among the simplest joys of childhood. Using them encourages imagination and creativity – and gives kids a good reason to step away from their video games and computers for a few hours.

If the other Crayola Experience locations are any indication, it’s reasonable to expect that there’ll be dozens of hands-on experiences for kids and parents to enjoy. The Crayola Experience is due to open in the summer of 2019.

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Watch this video to immerse yourself in the Crayola experience:

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