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Bros Only: The Ultimate Man Cave Ideas

These man cave ideas will make your “mantuary” your favorite place to relax, indulge in hobbies, spend time with the bros and embrace everything manly. 

Take inspiration from the famous man caves of history, such as Ernest Hemingway’s study where he smoked cigars and brought some of the best fictionalized male characters to life in For Whom the Bell Tolls and Death in the Afternoon. There’s also Theodore Roosevelt’s enviable trophy room at his Sagamore Hill estate. There, he kept an impressive collection of taxidermized game from his hunting escapades throughout the American West. Then, of course, there’s Tony Soprano’s office at Bada Bing, where he and his cronies would play pool, count cash, and hatch their next scheme. 

Your man cave might not have a stuffed buffalo head on the wall, but it can still be the best spot in the house to kick back with a beer. These man cave ideas can take your next hang-out sesh to the next level. 

Where to Stake Your Claim

Some are lucky enough to have an office or spare room that can be easily transformed into a manly retreat. Other prime locations include the garage (especially for you DIY dads out there), a basement, a storage shed, or even a treehouse for the young at heart. Where you decide to establish your man cave will influence how you deck it out. 

Some guys even build a secret entrance to their man cave for a cool speakeasy feel. Up the ante with rollaway bookshelves that reveal a hidden room or a giant poster that’s actually a door. 

Decide Your Style

When it comes to decorating your “dude den,” you’re the big man in charge. Start with a clear aesthetic in mind — this will help align all the details, from the seating to what you hang on the walls. Here are a few man cave aesthetic ideas to get the wheels turning. 

  • Midcentury Masculine
    Take notes from Mad Men to create a sleek ‘60s-inspired retreat. Must-have accessories include dark wood and leather furniture (splurge on an Eames lounge chair!), a sturdy desk, and a bar cart to display your favorite cocktail glasses. A retro turntable and record collection complete this timeless look. 

  • Sports Bar
    Now, you don’t need to leave the house to catch the big game. A sports-themed man cave should have a T.V. and a mini-fridge for keeping the beers frosty. Framed jerseys or letterman’s jackets make appropriate wall décor and we recommend installing a foosball or pool table for some friendly competition. 

  • ‘80s Arcade
    Reflect on your days as a Street Fighter or pinball champion with a nostalgic take on the arcade. Aficionados may seek out a vintage arcade machine on eBay for an authentic experience, but fully functional modern replicas are great too. Don’t forget some neon lights, cozy chairs, and a more modern gaming console.

Don’t Skip These Man Cave Essentials

Regardless of the look, you end up going with for your man cave, there are a few aspects you simply can’t forgo. Ensure you work these necessities into your plans. 

  • A Place for Cheers – Whether it’s a bar or a table, you’ll want a spot to enjoy a cold one after a long day with a couple of friends. There’s nothing like a shared beverage (and some chips) to unwind. 

  • A Killer Sound System – What’s a man cave without the sound of Dokken filling the air? After all, it’s your man cave, so you get to pick the playlist.  

  • Plentiful Seating – Make sure you have enough chairs for those who are lucky enough to enjoy The Cave. Heck, you might want a couch for a blissful, uninterrupted nap from time to time. 

  • Creative Space – Because you might be the type to channel Hemmingway or try your hand at woodworking, make sure your man cave is built to support any creative endeavors. 

The bottom line: Your man cave is a place to show off your personality and interests. Don’t get too caught up in making it look perfect and lose sight of having fun. 

Making These Man Cave Ideas Reality Requires Storage
You might have some incredible man cave ideas, but do you have the room? Finding self-storage might be the first step to creating your guys-only retreat. 

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