Creative Ideas for Storing Bicycles and Bicycle Equipment

City bicycleRiding a bicycle is a great way to exercise, and also a clean and effective way of getting from point A to point B without burning fossil fuel or hurting the environment. The only downside of owning a bicycle is that it can be difficult to find storage for it when you aren’t riding it. Bicycles are large and if you live in a small space – or have more than one bicycle – you may be wondering how to store your bike without giving up your whole garage or basement.

With that in mind, here are some clever storage ideas that will help you make the most of your storage space and store your bicycles with ease.

  1. One option, if you don’t mind making your bicycle part of your décor, is to mount your bicycle on a wall in your home. A simple metal rack, or even a wooden shelf that’s designed to hold a bicycle, can be the perfect way to get your bike out of the way. This option might not be ideal for people who live in rainy climates like the Pacific Northwest – you won’t want muddy bicycle wheels hanging over your sofa – but in other areas it’s a quick and easy solution.
  2. Look for “lost” or unused space and find a way to use it to store your bicycles. For example, if you have a staircase in your home, why not use the space underneath it to make some bicycle storage? You might rig up hooks or racks to hang the bicycles under the stairs, or else enclose the staircase to make a bike storage closet. Either way, you can make use of the space and get your bikes and other equipment out of the way.
  3. Bike 2Hanging your bicycles in the garage can be the ideal way to keep them out of the house without having to give up your garage space. A sturdy shelf can be used to store biking equipment, including helmets and bicycle pumps. Underneath the shelf, install racks to hang the bicycles vertically, thus maximizing the number of bicycles you can store. A shelf like this can store many bicycles, depending on its length, and still leave you enough space in your garage to store your tools and park your car.
  4. Few people consider making use of the space over their heads, but in some situations, hanging your bicycles from the ceiling can be the perfect way to keep them out of your way. You might take advantage of structural beams in your home to install a bike storage system overhead. Alternatively, you could install a rack system in your garage or basement and use it to hang bikes from the ceiling.
  5. Finally, if you don’t have the space to store bikes inside your home but you do have a little yard space, you might consider building (or buying) a bicycle shed. You have the option of building an enclosed shed, or making a bicycle shelter with one open side. If you’re going to leave your bikes partially exposed, then it makes sense to install a bike rack and use locks to prevent theft. The benefit of a shed is that you can install shelves to store all of your bike equipment, including spare parts and tools, thus keeping all of your bicycle-related paraphernalia together.

Storing bulky items like bicycles can be a challenge, but these five solutions can help you do it without giving up valuable living space in your home.

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