Creative Storage in the Bathroom

Is there ever enough storage in the bathroom for everything? Is there any way to get rid of the bathroom clutter that doesn’t keep with the design of your room?

If you are lucky your bathroom has a linen closet and ample cabinets and drawers to store everything. If not, keep reading for some creative tips to help organize with style.

Hang What You Can

Anytime you are browsing a home magazine, blog, or walking through the home section of your favorite store, you are going to see lots of interesting bins, containers, canisters, and receptacles. Ask yourself: can I hang it on the wall?

Instead of putting up traditional shelves, consider mounting wicker baskets, decorative crates, cubes, even jars or small planters. These can be arranged in attractive groupings and painted or distressed as needed to match your decor.

Larger units can store towels, rolls of toilet paper, hair dryers, curling irons, extra soap, and other bath items. Mason jars are the perfect size for storing brushes — including hair brushes, toothbrushes, and makeup brushes — cotton balls, manicure tools and other small items. The same goes for small planters, vintage tins, and decorative boxes.

Re-purpose & Refurbish

Antique stores, swap meets, even estate sales can be a great source of cabinets and other furniture at thrifty prices. Convert a vintage kitchen cabinet into one-of-a-kind wall storage. Restore an old dresser or china hutch into bathroom storage. If you’re feeling really creative, imagine what you could do with an old locker or library card catalog.

Shelving can also be adapted. Small bookcases can be re-painted or single shelves can be hung using chain or rope rather than being screwed into the wall.

Think Outside the Box

Once you start your creative juices flowing you’ll start to see ideas everywhere. Attach the lids of baby food jars to the bottom of a cabinet and store hair ties, cotton balls, bobby pins and other small items. Place magnetic strips on the wall or inside cabinets so you can hang metal items such as nail scisors and hair pins. Use decorative trays on counters and ledges to hold a variety of items.

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