Customer Testimonial Interview – Storage West is All About Community

The first thing that struck me was the kindness of the management team that was in here. And I see it was followed by other good people, like Paula and Howard. And we’ve all become good friends. It’s not just a place to come and plunk your money down and wish you hadn’t come here.

This is a place I think that sort of being Wizard-of-Oz-type rainbows and stuff, I’m trying to say that I felt secure in bringing my household goods or my—I had a business. I had videotapes and cameras and all kinds of stuff from when I produced America’s first ever Heart and Healthy and Sweet and Healthy TV cooking shows in the mid-‘80s. And I had a lot of stuff like that that was possibly valuable only to me, but nevertheless, I felt secure enough to put it in here.

It’s clean. It’s not dusty. It doesn’t stink of pesticide. It’s got good ventilation and you don’t see any of that calcified crud coming out of the swamp cooler down the wall.

So, I think I made a pretty good judgment. I did meet three ladies not too long ago, about a couple of months ago. I was bringing in a load for my new units and I had to use the—what do you call it? Flatbed? Yeah. And I was having a little problem getting it going, so they just pitched right in and helped. And I said, “Now, see, that’s the kind of neighbor you want to have.” And they laughed and thought that was just really nice. I felt that it was a kind of security thing. Makes you feel secure to be able to say, “Hi, Jan! What’s new? Do you need any help?” And have them say the same thing to you instead of, “Argh!” [Laughs]

But that’s how I think about your community here. It does foster getting along and it does foster cooperation and it does foster cleanliness, I think, because I don’t see anybody throwing trash where it doesn’t belong or making messes, or if anything happens, they always come in and tell the management team.

I’ve seen enough in here to know that I think it’s unusual. I think it’s because the management team are so personable, but their main goal, I think, with the Storage West and working for Storage West, is the customers got to get what they need and want to do at a reasonable price and they will move heaven and earth to try to be sure that happens. I think that’s more than reasonable and I think you won’t find it just about anywhere else.

When you can trust the people that you’re storing with to say, “Sure, I’ll help you anyway I can. There’s one coming up tomorrow. Can I help you get it ready?” That is the kind of response I’m looking for. I don’t see how you could look for anything else.


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