December Power Outage Affected 1,200 Homes in Rancho Bernardo

If you live in Southern California, you know that power outages are always a possibility. In the hot summer months, heavy use of fans and air conditioning can lead to shortages. However, even in the cooler winter months, blackouts can occur.

On December 28, Rancho Bernardo residents coped with the inconvenience and stress of a power outage when the lights went out in approximately 1,200 residences in the area, including some in nearby Rancho Penasquitos and San Pasqual.

Early Morning Outage

The first reports of the outage came in at approximately 6:10 AM, at a time when many residents in the area were just getting up and preparing to head out to work. The service team at San Diego Gas & Electric fielded calls about the outage and got to work investigating the cause.

Power outages can be caused by many things. Sometimes, the causes are obvious, such as when a tree falls on a power line or high winds cause disruption. At other times, the cause may be less obvious – and therefore more difficult to diagnose.

An outage during the early morning hours in the winter poses some special challenges. During the recent outage, the skies were still dark. That meant that locals needed to scramble to find candles and flashlights as they got ready for work – with the added challenge of having children home during their winter break.

A Quick Resolution

Fortunately for everybody involved, the Rancho Bernardo outage did not last long. Power was restored by 9:00 AM the same day the outage started. That meant that residents didn’t need to worry that the food in their refrigerators and freezers would go bad.

The professionals at San Diego Gas & Electric have plenty of experience dealing with power outages. Their goal was to restore power as quickly as possible to minimize the disruption to customers and ensure that they could go about their days without worrying about not having electricity at home.

Preparing for a Power Outage

While it’s impossible to predict when a power outage will strike, there are some practical precautions you can take to minimize the disruption and inconvenience when the power goes out.

  1. Keep a small supply of non-perishable food items on hand. Things like canned goods, granola bars, trail mix, and jerky don’t need to be cooked and won’t go bad if there’s no power.
  2. Keep several bottles of drinkable water on hand. In an extended outage, the water supply may not be safe. It’s always a good idea to have some water that you can use.
  3. Make sure your flashlights all have fresh batteries and that everybody knows where to find them in the event of an outage.
  4. Keep a supply of candles and matches (or a lighter) in a central location.
  5. If the weather is bad, consider taking candles out and getting them ready in case the power goes out.

It can be stressful to lose power but making a few common-sense preparations can help you get through it.


The lights went out in San Bernardo on December 28th, but fortunately the outage was short-lived, and residents were soon back to their normal lives. As a part of the community, issues like these are concerning to us.

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