Deck the Halls: 10 Storage Tips for Christmas Decorations

When the holidays are over, it’s time to pack the festive decorations away for another year. Did you spent any time struggling with tangled lights or sighing over broken ornaments this year? You might need to rethink how you store your decorations. You can make next year’s decorating a breeze. Here are 10 easy tips to help you pack your ornaments away with care.

Christmas Decoration Storage Tips:

  1. Storing an artificial tree can be a hassle. You can make it easier by labeling the layers as you take the tree down. Most are color-coded but colors tend to wear off over time.
  2. Instead of throwing lights into a box you can also use old coffee cans, shoebox lids, or paper towel tubes. Simply wrap the lights around them and secure the ends with twist ties. You may also want to consider writing the length of each light string down when you store them. That will make decorating next year a snap.
  3. Old soda bottles make a convenient place to store bead garlands. The beads slide right into the bottle. To get them out, just tip the bottle over. They’ll stay free of tangles and scratches for the coming year.
  4. Store small breakables in egg cartons. You can line the cups with tissue paper if you need an extra layer of protection.
  5. Larger ornaments can be nestled into apple containers – the plastic ones you see at the store for storing flats of apples. Simply put the container into a cardboard box, and then put an ornament into each compartment.
  6. Use clothing storage bags to store tablecloths, tree skirts, stockings, and other fabric decorations. If you have a system that vacuum packs the bags you can use that to fit a lot of decorations into one bag. If not, simply hang them in a garment bag or dry cleaning bag to keep them free of dust.
  7. Another good way to store breakables is to take a plain rubber or plastic tube and use your glue gun to attach disposable plastic cups to the inside of it. The cups provide easy, break-free storage for glass ornaments – and without having to spend money on a special ornament case.
  8. Take scraps of leftover ribbon and store them by color in empty shoe boxes if you don’t have a ribbon caddy. The color-coding will make it simple to find what you need when the time comes to do next year’s gift wrapping.
  9. Use a plastic case with dividers (like a makeup case or a tackle box) to store things like ornament hooks, replacement bulbs, and other small items neatly.
  10. A garment bag makes a perfect storage space for unused gift wrap. Instead of leaving it loose and collecting dust, simply slip the rolls of paper (or folded paper) into a clear plastic garment bag and hang it in a closet. Next year, you’ll be able to see exactly what you have.

These easy storage tips will ensure that your treasured holiday decorations stay unbroken after you pack them away, and that they’re ready for easy decorating when the next holiday season comes around.

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