Dinner in the Sky, Las Vegas

At Storage West we tell our customers that being involved within our local communities is really important to us. Our managers make it part of their job to be in the know about their towns.  We try to stay informed about local events. We keep ourselves abreast of fun activities going on in our cities, and generally what’s going on around us. That way we can be a good neighbor and a good resource for our tenants. That’s how we found out about Dinner in the Sky, Las Vegas.

Local Social Media

Since we take the time to stay connected in this way, we make sure to share that knowledge. Each of our facilities has their own social media accounts so we can tell everybody about what we find and we can talk with our neighbors about it too. We like to share what kinds of activities we’ve found and love to hear about anything else that other residents come across too. You can check out our Eastern page to see an example of this.

Dinner in the Sky

If you go to that page you might see a posting we recently shared about Dinner in the Sky in Las Vegas.  This unique offering was written about in an article we came across so we thought we’d share it with our followers to see if there’s anyone out there brave enough to try it and tell us what they think! If you sign up for this they’ll pick you up in a limo from a nearby Las Vegas Strip hotel and then bring you to their 8.8 acre site. You’ll then be hoisted 200 feet into the air and will be served by their professional “Sky Chefs”.  Sounds exhilarating!!

If just reading about this hasn’t terrified you we hope you’ll check this out and share your experience with us. We’d love to hear about your exciting dinner! Remember folks, if there’s no picture, it didn’t happen. Make sure to take some pics and share them with us on Facebook or Twitter!

This kind of thing not for you? Let us know what’s going on in Vegas that does strike your fancy. We’d love to share it! Check out all of our storage locations around the Las Vegas metro area.

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