Disneyland’s New Eatery Will Bring Asian Fusion Cuisine (and Tiki Torches) to Adventureland

Disneyland first opened in Anaheim in 1955, and one of the things that keeps the experience of visiting the park fresh is that it is always changing. A case in point is Disneyland’s Tropical Hideaway eatery, which will offer an assortment of Asian fusion cuisine to the park’s visitors.

The Tropical Hideaway Menu

The Tropical Hideaway menu might be best described as pan-Asian because it draws inspiration from many countries in Asia. Here are a few examples of what you can expect to find on the menu when the new restaurant opens in late 2018.

Bao buns are popular in China and Malaysia. They’re soft steamed buns traditionally filled with a pork mixture, but they can be filled with any combination of foods from savory to sweet. Some of the planned variations include bulgogi beef, which has its origins in Korea, and kaffir lime chicken.

Lumpia are small spring rolls that originated in the Philippines and Indonesia. They’re traditionally stuffed with savory fillings, but there’s a version at Disney World that’s filled with pineapple and cream cheese – something that’s expected to be on the menu at Tropical Hideaway, too.

The full menu is not yet available, but there are also plans for a ramen salad. While there have been other Asian eateries in the park, this one offers an array of dishes that promises to make it a must-eat destination for the millions who flock to Anaheim every year.

A View of the Jungle River

The Tropical Hideaway is opening at a location that was initially occupied by the Tahitian Terrace restaurant and later, by Aladdin’s Oasis. Disney has described it as an exotic marketplace, which leads us to believe it’s not a sit-down restaurant with table service but rather a food court where guests can purchase what they want from the vendors.

That said, a big part of the Tropical Hideaway’s draw is sure to be the seating on its expansive deck overlooking the Jungle River. After choosing their food, guests can relax and enjoy the sounds of the jungle and the view of the river, including glimpses of the Jungle Cruise as it goes by.

The deck may be even more enticing at night, when the deck will light up with tiki torches to provide a warm glow and enhance the tropical atmosphere. We can easily imagine guests lining up for the opportunity to unwind after a long day of walking through Adventureland.

Affordable Refreshments

Because Disneyland has not released a full menu for Tropical Hideaway, we can only speculate about the prices. Since some of the items that will be served are on menus at Disney World, we’re willing to bet that the prices will be reasonable.

For example, the cheeseburger bao at the Satu’li Canteen in the Animal Kingdom sells for $11. The pineapple and cream cheese lumpias from Pongu Pongu sell for just $3 apiece.

Disneyland has not confirmed an opening date for Tropical Hideaway, but they have said that the new Anaheim eatery will open before the end of 2018.

The Tropical Hideaway is sure to be a popular stop for Disneyland visitors when it opens. If you’re planning a trip to Anaheim and Disneyland, make sure to leave time to sample some of their Asian fusion treats – and enjoy the beautiful view.

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