DIY – Oscar Party Decorations

We’ve been putting on annual business conferences since 2001. It’s great to get the whole team together to first celebrate our accomplishments and then get down to business to see how we can better serve our customers in the following year. Every year when we get together we make sure to take a picture. It’s been great to watch Storage West grow over the years. In 2015 at the Awards Dinner we chose the theme of the Oscars since they were happening at the same time as our event. A couple of our very crafty managers came up with a great DIY project that we used as decorations. We thought these would be great for anyone who might need Oscar party decorations for an event at their own home.

Items you will need:

-2 record box lids

-1 record box

-craft knife or box cutter

-hot glue gun

-spray adhesive

-scotch tape

-spray paints (Metallic Gold, Gray Primer, Glossy Black)

-fun props!

Step One:

To make the film reels use one of the record box lids. Cut out four identical circles. Then, cut out 4 small triangles arranged evenly around each circle. If you want, you can just cut two sides of the triangle and bend the third side in, this way you can use that piece to glue to the other half of the reel. Set these aside until you are ready to paint.

Step Two:

Trace or free hand the Oscar shapes onto the box lid. Cut out two identical shapes. You are now ready to primer and paint your cut out pieces.

Step Three:

Carefully place each item into your paint booth (the record box) and paint. Don’t forget to paint the records box lid to use as your base.  It is important to follow the instructions for the specific spray paints you choose.

Step Four:

After all the pieces are dry arrange your film reels, Oscars, and any other props you’d like on top of the records box. We found some great stuff at the dollar store.  We made a mock film strip by just printing pictures onto paper and cutting into strips and taping them together. You could even put pictures of yourself or your children in there. This is your party afterall! 🙂

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