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Dorm Cleaning Tips – Video

Learn from the best in this cleaning and organizing video: airmen at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base demonstrate dorm cleaning tips and show how to prepare your room up to Air Force inspection standards. Lots of great information for university and college students of all types.

Basic Dorm Cleaning Tips – Video Transcription

In this segment, we will show you some basic cleaning techniques that will help transform your room from this… to this.

When cleaning your room, it’s always best to start with a checklist so you don’t miss anything. Check with your airman dorm leader or ADL because they may already have one created for you. Our checklist will look something like this.

For windows, use your glass cleaner and paper towels to wipe down the area. Don’t forget to do both inside and out. Also, wipe down your windowsill. This area is notorious for dirt build-up. Take a lot at your blinds. Open the shutters and lightly dust them.

Make sure to give your walls a good look over. If you have excess pinholes or other damage to your walls, please notify your ADL for repairs. If your walls are just dirty or have smudge marks, take a sponge and some water with mild soap and lightly wash the smudge marks off.

Make sure all your furniture is dust-free. If you’re out processing, make sure your drawers are completely empty and free of dust or dirt. It’s also a good idea to use your vacuum attachments to assist in cleaning your dresser drawers.

For better access, pull furniture away from the wall so you can get to the baseboards. With a damp sponge, lightly wash the baseboards around the room. Baseboards usually have only dust, so this should be fairly quick to complete.

Let’s start by cleaning the mirrors. Spray with glass cleaner and wipe off with a paper towel. For the sink area, use a cloth and all-purpose cleaner to get rid of most stains. Be sure to clean the faucet and surrounding areas.

If your vanity area is equipped with storage drawers, clean them thoroughly. Hair likes to collect in these areas.

Let’s gather a couple tools that we will need for this job: latex gloves, a bowl scrub brush, pumice stone, bathroom all-purpose cleaner, cloth or paper towels, and the bowl cleaner of your choice.

Begin by flushing the toilet so we will be working with clean water. While the tank is filling, put on your gloves. It’s always a good idea to protect yourself.

Now that the bowl is full of clean water, let’s start by applying bowl cleaner around the inside edges of the bowl. Next, let’s scrub the entire inside of the bowl with the scrub brush. Once this is done and the stains have been lifted, go ahead and flush the toilet again.

You might notice that there is a constant ring around the toilet that never seems to go away. This is a common problem caused by hard water. Here is a simple fix to remove those stains.

Grab your pumice stone and dampen it from the water from inside the bowl. Scrub away at the ring. Flush the toilet to remove any residue.

Grab the bottle of all-purpose cleaner and spray the seat, cover, and sides of the toilet and wipe down with a cloth or paper towel. And that’s it, your toilet should look brand new and ready for use.

You might have carpet or hard flooring, or maybe both. For hard flooring, mop this area with the floor cleaner of your choice. But, be sure to sweep beforehand. For carpet areas, move the furniture back against the wall and begin to vacuum your floors. Be sure to get those non-high-traffic areas like under your bed.

Cleaning your refrigerator is an easy task given the right tools. You will need an all-purpose cleaner and paper towels. Let’s start by making sure the outside of the refrigerator is clean and free of smudge marks. Spray the all-purpose cleaner on the paper towel and wipe down the outside of the unit.

Next, let’s inspect the inside. Wipe down the seals with a paper towel and cleaner. Remove any food and wipe away any spilled liquids. Remove any parts that are removable. For example, drawers and any glass surfaces are often removable. Take these items to a nearby sink and wash with soap and water. Dry, then reinstall.

For the freezer, do the same cleaning process you did for the refrigerator. If your freezer has frost, turn off your freezer or adjust the setting to the lowest temperature.

The tools you will need for this job include paper towels or a cloth, and an all-purpose cleaner. Let’s make sure the front of the microwave is clean and free of smudge marks. To remove marks or stains, just apply the all-purpose cleaner to the paper towel and wipe down the appliance.

Now, let’s open the door and take a look inside. Let’s start by removing the glass turntable. The easiest way to clean this item is to wash it in a nearby sink with soap and water. If a sink is not available, then all-purpose cleaner should do the trick.

Next, wipe out any food crumbs or dried liquid from the base, sides, and top of the microwave with a damp cloth. Replace the glass turntable and that’s it. Your microwave is now clean and ready for use.

Make sure to stop by the dorm office and sign out a carpet cleaner. When transporting your carpet cleaner, make sure to lift the cleaner under the upper clean water solution tank handle. It’s always a good idea, and highly recommended, to move furniture around to get those hard-to-reach places. Ask a roommate to help move heavy furniture and remember, safety first.

Remove the clean water tank by pressing down on the gray handle and pulling forward. Remove the cap. Fill the tank with water, then turn the cap upside down to serve as a measuring cup. Fill it with soap to the fill line. Reattach the tank to the cleaner. You are now ready to start using your steam cleaner.

Step on the handle release pedal and lower the handle to the operational position. Squeeze the trigger to release cleaning solution and slowly pull the carpet cleaner back. Repeat the first step to continue cleaning your carpet.

Rotate dirty tank latches outward. Lift the tank off the carpet cleaner and carry it to a sink or drain and empty it. When replacing the tank, make sure all the latches are secure.

Now your dorm room is clean and ready to pass inspection.

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