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Closet Organization and Other College Student Storage Challenges

The joys of dorm life can be compounded by the challenges of college student storage. Tight living spaces require some creativity and hopefully an understanding roommate.

Retailers get this, and many have created solutions that are ideal for dorm organization, turning cramped quarters into neat and tidy living areas. You’ll also find many popular stores, such as Pottery Barn and Overstock, which offer college student discounts with ID.

Yet with a bevy of options, how do you narrow? Before you decorate and add special touches, lock down your dorm room storage.

College Student Storage: Making the Most of Your Closet

Unsure what to pack for college? Start with your closet. A seemingly sparse box can be transformed with the right tools.

  • Hanging organizers – Connecting to the back of the door or the closet rod, hanging organizers create stackable shelves for shoes, sweaters, foldable clothes and other knick knacks.
  • Collapsible hangers – Perhaps the ultimate dorm room hack, collapsible hangers quadruple your closet space (or more), enabling you to store six garments in the space it would typically take to hang one or two.
  • Acrylic shelf dividers – Create your own shelving system with acrylic shelf dividers. They can turn that typically messy top shelf in the closet into an orderly center for lesser-used or seasonal items. The dividers can create small or large spaces – whatever fits your belongings.

The Next Key to Dorm Organization: Uncovering Creative Hideaways

Most students can count on some dorm standbys: raised bed, desk, and a shelf or dresser. While basic, these furniture pieces can help you maximize dorm room storage options. Some considerations:

  • Storage bins – Stackable and flexible, storage bins can be found in nearly any size. For under-the-bed storage, first determine the bed’s measurements and above-the-floor height to find the right combination for you. This way you aren’t surprised on move-in day with bins that don’t fit.
  • Desk organizers – There’s debate whether a messy desk leads to distraction or creativity. Yet no matter your clutter level, you need to know where things are. Consider organizers for the desktop and within desk drawers, creating little homes for cords, chargers, pens, notebooks, glasses, and other gizmos.
  • Wall storage – Install a bulletin board or sticky board to free up desk space. If you have a dedicated space for papers and reminders, your desk is more likely to remain clutter free.

Beyond College Student Storage in Dorms: When to Secure Self-Storage

Dorm life is a learning experience, in so many ways. Typically the first time out of the nest, students learn what to leave, keep and secure.  A self-storage unit makes sense when you can’t fit all of your belongings into your new domain, and perhaps your parents want to free up a room at your home base.  It also allows you to keep your college gear in one place when you have the summer off.

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