Dorm Room Storage: How to Organize Your Dorm for Comfort and Convenience

A dorm room is home base for busy students who need convenience and comfort amid classes, part-time jobs, extracurriculars and a bustling social life. These dorm room storage ideas can help college students stay organized and focused on what matters most.

According to the Urban Institute, nearly 40% of public four-year college students live in college housing. In most states, the average on-campus housing cost is less than the average rent 18 to 24-year-olds typically pay. Most dorms are shared with a roommate, and even if it’s solo, it probably doesn’t have a ton of square footage — making dorm organization of utmost importance.

Optimal Dorm Organization Starts Early

Organization starts with having enough dorm room storage. When deciding what to pack for college, keep the basics at the top of the list, including bedding (in the right size for a dorm room bed!), seasonal clothing, a good pair of shoes for walking around campus and a toothbrush — but what are some dorm room storage ideas that will make a dorm feel more functional and comfortable?

1. Plastic bins

See-through bins can do wonders for dorm organization. Easily stowed under a bed, they can store anything from jackets and sweaters to cleaning supplies or shoes. Snag a few of these now and thank us later!

2. Charging station

Keep electronics within an arms’ length and fully charged with a compact charging station. These nifty tools won’t only make sure batteries are charged up before class, they will also prevent a chaotic web of wires from taking over.

3. Shelving, shelving, shelving

A total dorm room hack is using ample shelving to prevent clutter. Students might decide to install shelving above their bed, on their desk or inside their closet. The bottom line: it’s necessary for anyone living in a dorm.

4. A shower caddy

Some college students find themselves sharing a shower with a whole floor of people. That means toting your soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc. to and from your dorm. A shower caddy can make this journey a little easier and prevent bottles from taking up valuable counter space.

5. Trash can and cleaning supplies

Though they might not be the most exciting items on a college shopping list, a trash can and cleaning supplies are quite possibly the most important items for keeping a dorm neat, tidy and smelling fresh.

Beyond Dorm Room Storage

The fact of the matter is, college student storage can be a hassle, and students won’t be able to take all their belongings with them to college. It might be prime time to secure self-storage, either close to home or campus. Many of Storage West’s facilities are within walking distance to popular colleges and universities.

We can help you find the right storage to make this exciting life transition a breeze. Explore storage facilities near your university: Arizona, California, Nevada, and Texas.

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