Employee Appreciation Event and Business Conference 2005

Business Conference 2005

Our Business Conference 2005 was a success!

Storage West Team Members posed for a picture together at the event. We really value longevity and loyalty here at Storage West. It’s wonderful to see our group grow, but with several familiar faces sticking it out through the long haul.


Taking a group photo has become a tradition at Storage West. We try to recreate this image every year at our Conference. Each photo has taken place on the basketball court of the Los Angeles Athletic Club.

Along with taking a company photo our Business Conference usually includes a pin ceremony. Employees are given pins when they reach certain milestones here at Storage West.

We believe the result of these traditions is the creation of an environment that is excellent to work in. We believe at Storage West that our community is very important. When we talk about community we don’t just mean our community of renters. We also mean our community of employees. Camaraderie and trust between members of our team can make a big difference in the workplace.

This tradition has continued for many years at Storage West. If you search through our blog you’ll find many more team photos. Our team has definitely grown through the years. You’ll notice that in some of the photos are team members are dressed up. Often at the conference we choose a theme to celebrate the year prior. Sometimes our staff will wear costumes to reflect that theme.

Hope you enjoy the photo!

2004 Storage West Employee Appreciation Event

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