How to Organize Recipes

For those of us who love to cook one thing that can be frustrating is trying to find that recipe that you had months ago when you need it. Whether it is a recipe that you wrote down, clipped from a magazine, or found online, you want to be able to find them without having to dig around.

Storing Paper Recipes

When I was growing up my grandmothers, mother, and aunts all had recipe boxes. There is something nostalgic to me about having that for my children one day to be able to go through to find a cookie recipe to bake with me, but that isn’t necessarily the best way to organize your recipes. If you are working with recipes that you have on paper my favorite way to keep them is to create your own cookbook out of them! They make scrap booking albums for recipes; but you can use a photo album, or even a simple three ring binder. One that you can add protector sheets to would be your best option. If you opt to do that then you can get different sizes of pockets varying from index card sized up to full sheet protectors. You’ll be thankful for the flexibility as your library of recipes grows. Depending on what is most helpful to you, choose to keep the recipes in an order just like a regular cookbook. Here you get to decide if you want appetizers in the front and deserts in the back, or if you would rather place everything involving chicken in one area for example.

Storing Online Recipes

Finding recipes online has been my go to for a good while now. It is easy! Just go to your favorite app, search what you want to make and bam different versions of the recipe are right there for you to choose from. If you are like me and pull them from different websites and apps it might be harder to track when and where you found that awesome recipe. There are apps designed just for this purpose that are free, but from experience I prefer e-mailing them to myself. Make the subject line something that serves as a reminder of what the recipe is and then archive it so that it does not get accidentally deleted. You can further organize much the same way with electronic as you do with print. Just make sub folders for the different things you want to separate the recipes by. The best part of both ideas is that it can be as simple or as detailed as you want it to be. Regardless of how much detail you want to put in to it you can guarantee next time you try to find that recipe you wrote down when you were at your sister’s house for Thanksgiving you won’t have any trouble locating it! -Christina Todd