Steps to Keeping a Clean House 

  Keeping a clean house is often difficult due to busy work schedules, children, pets, personal engagements, and holidays. So staying on top of the little things is the best way to avoid a large clean up. I’ve always enjoyed cleaning my house. It gives me a sense of renewal and comfort knowing I don’t have a large mess to come home to.

Be Ready for the Unexpected

There are those times of surprise…when you leave a clean house and come home to a mess due to some unforeseen event, such as rain.  I have two large pups that are not afraid of playing in the rain and bringing it my kitchen; which is completely white.

Stay Ahead of the Game

Anyway, putting those exceptions aside, I find the easiest way to keep a clean house is to be proactive. Keeping kitchen counters wiped down after preparing meals, washing and putting away dishes, regular dusting and vacuuming can make a world of difference and help in maintaining a clean and orderly house. I try to wash one load of clothes per night. This really helps cut down on washing a lot of loads and consuming a large portion of my day off. Keeping stocked up on supplies and buying the ones that make cleaning easy are a little more expensive, but worthwhile in the end. I am always stocked with the Swiffer wet jet pads and dusters. I'd much rather do a 5 minute wipe down versus getting out the mop and filling a bucket of cleaning solution. I save those big clean up jobs for once a month or on an as needed basis.

Get the Kids Involved

Giving your children small chores to do daily will also help. It’s actually good to allow your children to take part in cleaning. Teaching children lessons on how to make their own beds in the morning and putting their toys away before bedtime, are priceless and will free up much of your time for other things. Hope these tips help you in your own home! Trina Van Alstine Senior Manager Orange/Inland Empire Storage West