Holiday Ornaments

As the season quickly approaches I see ornaments all around. They come in all shapes and sizes and in all different colors. The wonderful thing about them is what they represent to each person. From the ones you have brought home to enjoy just for this year, to the ones you will enjoy for generations to come. Ornaments are so diverse from the DIY projects to the most lavish.

DIY Ornament Ideas

In my home ornaments are a fun way to celebrate with each other. We started a tradition of creating a fun and creative atmosphere while making ornaments out of painted sugar cookies and popcorn string. We would hang them on the tree while listening to Christmas carols and filling the room with laughter. Remember, you don’t need to be an artist to make your own ornaments. You can create ornaments out of everyday things you find around your home. For a couple of other ideas… You might even try going green and use things from the recycling box like an old worn out sweater or pajamas that have out lived their use. I have even saved last year’s ornaments and embellished them to create a new look. You may make an ornament that represents a sports team or state or country you live in. As for myself I really enjoy getting out the ones that fill my heart with memories of times past; like a special time in one’s life made with pictures or the ones that are a time stamp of a special occasion with the date of an anniversary, marriage or birth of a child. Ornaments can be timeless, old and new they are always in season. Whether you are buying them new or reminiscing over the past years, ornaments are a special gem to those who love them as I do. -Cynthia Storage West Associate Manager