How to Hold the Best Super Bowl Party!

Christy with a football hat Time to dig those folding tables and chairs out of your storage and play host to friends and family! Christy, your local self-storage-ologist is back to give you some great tips. These pointers will help you host a Super Bowl party worthy of your own fanfare.

Get Organized

So now that you have the tables and chairs, what next? Depending on your guest count, you could move some odds and ends and furniture into your storage unit. That way you'll have enough room for everyone. TV These gatherings can tend to get fun and rowdy; plus you may need the extra space for some fun half time games. Make sure tables and counters are clutter free for all the munchies too! Have a nice place off to the side with some coloring books and crayons, games, etc. for the younger kids. They can sit and interact away from all the loud cheering. Don't worry, you can still make sure to include them in the festivities. Clean off the front of your T.V. and make sure it is in a good, central place in the room. That way everyone can have the same experience. You don't want to have to worry about being in someone else’s line of sight. You might even consider raising it up a bit if possible. Table Runner made of felt to look like football field You can always prepare some fun things ahead of time! Go to the local dollar store for some cheap decorations, plates, cups, signs, etc.! They have a lot of great items there to use and if you are really creative, you can also make some of your own easily! If you have any green and white felt, you can make place mats or even a full table runner to place the food on.

Super Bowl Grub

So now that we have the space and decorations, let’s move onto the food! There are tons of tasty ideas on the internet – Here are some of my favorites that are inexpensive and super easy – crackers and sausage Premade Micheladas cup • Pop some meatballs with barbecue sauce in the crock pot – I recommend diluting the sauce just a little so it doesn’t get too thick and maybe adding some grape jelly. It may sound strange, but I saw the recipe once, tried it and it was a hit! • Make your own bean and cheese dip with some refried beans, shredded cheese, cream cheese, green onions, olives and sour cream on the side • Grilling some brats and wings is always a great idea for any game! • Having some little finger foods to snack on is a good idea – veggies, crackers, summer sausage and cheese always goes fast over here. • Don’t forget the drinks! Have some water, soda and maybe a few beers to enjoy responsibly. Erik really loves Michelada’s and likes the premade cups. Just Pour and drink up!


Now onto the games! Here are some fun activities to get everyone – even the kiddos involved! You can handcraft your own little prizes or get them from your local dollar store while you are there. 1. Before the game starts, have everyone write down their guesses for the final score. The closest one wins! 2. Super Bowl Commercial Bingo! Make some paper bingo cards (or download some!) with different items written down to watch for during the commercials - such as chips, cellphones, vehicles, celebrities, etc. and the first one to Bingo wins 3. An old bucket or bowl and foam football is all you need to see who would make the best quarterback 4. Have a piece of poster board colored to look like a football field, grab some cookies and have each person stand at the end and push their cookie into the touchdown zone (shuffleboard style) – closest one wins 5. Make paper footballs ahead of time and hide some in various places and have the kids do a scavenger hunt for them. After that, the footballs can be used with some bendy straws fashioned into a goal post and whoever gets the most goals in one minute wins! folding a paper football folding a paper footballfolding a paper footballfolding a paper footballGoal made out of green bendy strawsYou can even have a contest on who can make their own paper football the fastest – they are super simple to make! Take a regular sheet of paper and fold it lengthwise, then fold both sides in toward the crease and then fold with the crease so you have one long strip. Then fold the first corner down to make a triangle and keep folding the triangles over themselves until you get to the end. The last flap of paper will be folded toward the triangle and then tucked inside itself and - Voila! One awesome and simple must have for all football parties. Erik and Christy with Cowboys hats on Ichi Wawa the chihuahua dressed as a Cowboys cheerleader Finally, don’t forget to sit down and relax – and ALWAYS dress for the occasion!