Tips for Storing your RV in the Winter 

Hey there all! I’m back – Christy, your local self-storage-ologist! Here to help give you a few tips on storing your RV or Camper during those cold winter months. This is a basic list of helpful hints and it is always important to do your research and check the weather in your area.

Where to Store it

So first we start out by finding a reputable and secure storage facility with some amazing managers. (Might I suggest Storage West Baseline?? I heard the managers there are incredible…) Next step is going to be making sure to clean out your RV extra well! Remove any and all food products that could go bad or attract unwanted pests. Defrost the freezer and leave the dishwasher and refrigerator open with a fresh new box of baking soda inside. Also, it’s a good idea to remove any batteries from random electronics – radios, flashlights, etc. to avoid any leakage or corrosion. Close all blinds and covers on windows and maybe even place a windshield sunshade to avoid any dryness or discoloration of the seats or dash. Make sure to move any large items normally kept outside the vehicle such as bikes, scooters or tools, etc. to the inside for security.

Preparing the Outside

This can be the tricky part! Disconnect the battery to avoid any possible small, parasitic charges that can cause it to drain. In places of extreme cold, maybe even remove the battery completely. Use fuel stabilizers and antifreeze in the system and make sure to empty water tanks and heater beforehand. Winterizing your RV is very important to maintain the life of your Motor home. There are some great YouTube videos with some steps to help walk you through the process. Buying a good hitch lock is very important for the safety and security of your vehicle as well. Make sure it is heavy, durable and that you put it on correctly. Make sure your stabilizer bars are down to help combat the weight on the tires. Speaking of tires! Some nice covers that are tied down extra well will help to protect them from the elements. Another good thing to do would be to buy a cheap pool noodle, cut it in half, cut a slit down the side and slide one on each of your wipers so they don’t get stuck to the windshield. As you do your final walk-around, make sure everything is closed, locked and secured. Finally you are ready! Don’t forget to send me a post card! -Christy Pineda