Decorating for the Holidays with Little or No Budget

Our Facility Managers John and Julie really love a good “theme” when it comes to decorating their Christmas trees. They like to mix it up, change the color scheme and go with a completely different vibe each year. Last year’s theme: Mardi Gras. They had beads, masks and decorative ornaments all in Mardi Gras colors of Purple, Green and Gold. The year before last was a beach theme, with surf boards, star fish, sharks and flip flops. As much as they enjoy changing the theme and colors each year, it can get expensive unless you know how to find a bargain, get creative and re-purpose. Here’s some tips:

Holiday on a Budget

The local dollar stores usually have a great selection of holiday décor, ornaments, garlands and beads, literally for a dollar. In fact, ALL of their Mardi Gras tree ornaments came from the 99 cent store last year. They only spent around $20.00 for the entire tree decor, but it looked like it came from a high end boutique! You can stop by a hobby or craft store for inexpensive, unpainted wooden shapes like Santas, reindeer, and snowmen that you can paint or bedazzle yourself. You might use old jewelry, broken necklaces, earring pieces, bracelet charms or beads to embellish them after the paint and glitter dry. It’s a great way to repurpose what you already have. Many, many years ago, when Julie was living away from home for the first time, she bought a bunch of little wooden squares with a cut out in the middle. They kind of looked like picture frames so she painted them different colors and added some glitter. She took existing pictures of friends and family and tacked their individual pictures to the back of the wooden squares. She then added a hook at the top and hung their embellished framed faces all over the tree like ornaments. This worked especially well as she was missing her friends and family and was very homesick.

Holiday Re-Purposing

If you are having people over for a dinner party during the Holidays, set out decorative bowls that you already have. Fill them with candies or nuts, or beaded garland and you have instant Holiday decorations. We all love receiving tins filled with Holiday Cookies and Popcorn, right? A great decorating idea is to use the lid of the decorative tin and hang it on the wall with a magnet. Instant Holiday wall art! It looks really great when you have a bunch of them clustered together. We do this here in our office at Buffalo. There are so many cheap and easy ideas for decorating or repurposing items you already have that cost little or no money. The important thing is to enjoy your time with friends and family and surround yourself with things that make you happy. Have a safe and Happy Holiday!