Getting Prepared for the Holidays

It's holiday time again people! It smells like pumpkin spice and the Christmas decorations are in stores before Halloween. I started drinking eggnog on the first day of fall, but now it is time for business. Get prepared to pull those decorations out of your storage unit. Hopefully they are neatly organized using the tips from our other blogs.

Halloween Halloween decoration 

Be sure to buy your Halloween costumes early. The longer you wait, the less selection there is and they might even go up in price. Local shopping centers tend to have trick-or-treat events like this one.

Thanksgivingthanksgiving turkey being basted on the stove

Mmmm fooood….make a list of everything you need before you go to the store. Plan to make multiple trips, because there will always be something that is forgotten. Think about specific ingredients for each dish, and don’t forget the specific seasonings that you do not have on hand. You may want to purchase nonperishable items in advance and perishable items closer to turkey day.

ChristmasChristmas tree

Start shopping early! Find your treasures while they are on sale and store them. Make sure you have enough extension cords for all of your light-up and mobilized decorations. Be sure to check the light bulbs on your stringed lights and check all areas for safety to avoid fire hazards. Protect your Christmas tree by putting fragile ornaments out of the reach of small children and pets. Don’t forget to prepare for all of the other holidays you celebrate like Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Dia de los Muertos! Before you know it, it will be time for the New Year’s Eve party! My favorite part of this season is…after holiday sales! Besides Black Friday deals, my favorite thing to do is to go shopping for candy the days after Halloween and Christmas. The discounts are great! There are also sales on novelty items and decorations that you can save for next year. Last, but not least, enjoy spending time with your family and friends. Happy Holidays! -Aimee Carmichael Manager Storage West – Carmel Mountain