Guide to Spring Cleaning

It’s spring time! The butterflies are migrating through California and the pollen is flowing through the air. Here are some tips to help you get going on your spring cleaning projects.

Do it Step by Step!

ceiling fan Move the appliances and furniture out of the way. Food, dust, cobwebs, and lost items tend to collect behind them. Refrigerator – Get in those cracks and crevices. Remove the drawers and shelves for a thorough deep clean. In the process, you might find those old crusty expired foods that fell into hard to see places. Move the couches – Get those dust bunnies out of there. You’ll be sure to find some spare change and missing trinkets when you remove the cushions to vacuum. Go through old clothes and toys – Donate, sell online, throw away, or have an old-fashioned yard sale. Repurpose spare parts and bring out your inner “DIYer”. Look high and low. It is easy to forget about areas that are not commonly surveyed during daily activities. Check shelves, closets, under the bed, and dark spaces. Be sure to clean the baseboards.empty shelves Make it a game with kids. Whoever finds the most spare change gets to keep the whole lot! Check your storage unit. If the unit has been sitting for a while, clean out dust and remove items you have decided are not worth keeping. Organize the junk drawer using plastic bins or separators. Give common items a new home. Decide what can go into storage. Put on some music and consider getting your workout in. Those repetitive movements and getting into those hard to reach places can burn the calories! Don’t overdo it. Create a strategy by planning to clean by room or cleaning type. Start with the kitchen, or plan to go through everyone’s clothes. Overwhelming yourself can be demotivating if you try to finish everything in one day. Before you know it your home will be sparkling and summer will be right around the corner!