How to Decorate for Christmas on a Budget

When you’re on a budget, those fancy decorations need to take a backseat. There are so many ways to create a festive atmosphere for Christmas without breaking the bank before you even shop for gifts. Here are some ideas to help out with your Christmas decorating strategy.

Try Used

So many people give away old decorations for the sole purpose of upgrading their own Christmas style. Their loss is your gain! Try sites like Offer Up or Craigslist for free or bargain priced items. You can also find great Christmas treasures at local thrift stores.


Ditch that expensive fresh cut tree. There are plenty of great looking fake trees that get the job done and are allergy friendly for people like me. Reusable trees disassemble and fold up easily to provide a budget friendly and environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional fir tree. Save your decorations in storage. It is much easier to reuse old favorites than to hunt for new decorations at increasing prices. In our Carmel Mountain office, we store our decorations throughout the years to bring a festive spirit to the office during the holidays.


Kids can be expected to bring home handmade pieces of art from school, daycare, and other local activities. These keepsakes make great free memories. Gather pine cones and spray paint them. Use silver or gold for a fancy look. Other fun and inexpensive crafts can be made from everyday household items. Try making cotton ball snowmen. You can even make edible creations like marshmallow snowmen or ice cream cone Christmas trees.


Many ornaments can also be gifted throughout the years, like the ones I received from a company party and a community member. I have also found that some Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers tend to have ornaments included as packaging or a bonus gift. Try gifting ornaments to others. You might receive some in return! -Aimee Carmichael Facility Manager Storage West Carmel Mountain