How to Organize the Medicine Cabinet

Looking to organize your medicine cabinet in time for flu season? Check out these tips from our Manager Aimee!

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Categorize by Shelf

You might need to change the shelf levels, if possible, to cater to your personal needs. Whether you have a plethora of beauty products, perfumes, essential oils, or dental care items, organizing your medicine cabinet is essential to avoid unnecessary searching or knocking everything off of the shelves.

First aid

  • First Aid KitBandages - You don’t want to be digging through other medicine cabinet supplies when it’s time to stop the bleeding. You might even want to keep a first aid kit inside of the medicine cabinet to make things easier.
  • Creams and liquids – don’t mix up similar looking packages. Make sure everything has its original cap on it. Items like mouthwash, peroxide, and rubbing alcohol need to be tightly sealed. Avoid spills on dry products, like cotton balls and swabs. Turning labels to the front, like a grocery store, will help to keep you from mistaking rash cream for toothpaste!
  • Medicines – separate them by type
  • Prescriptions – clearly labeled and sectioned by person if needed.
  • Vitamins – whether you take them once a day or you have a variety of vitamin needs.
  • Cold/flu – nothing is worse than searching for your medicine and sneezing at the same time.

Purchase Dividers, Organizers

Compartmentalize in order to keep everything organized and easy to find. Items like tweezers and nail clippers need to be handy when a splinter or hang nail arise.


Be sure to store the most dangerous items out of the reach of children. Any highly potent medicines or sharp equipment should have restricted access. Make a kid’s shelf with items like bandages to avoid mix-ups, if they are allowed access to the medicine cabinet. Check regularly for expired medicines to remove and replace. Clearly write the expiration date if it is difficult to read. If you have multiples of the same products, keep the oldest ones in the front to be used up first. This should get you on the right track to a more organized medicine cabinet. Hope this helped!