How to Occupy the Kids over the Fall Break

It is time for Fall Break. You may be wondering how you are going to occupy your kids while they are out of school. In this technological age, it has become so easy to sit our children in front of televisions, video games, tablets, and cell phones. It may be that time again to pull out the jigsaw puzzles and jump ropes! Oh, how easily we forget the simple things in life.

Ideas to Keep Kids Active

For children who are used to playground time at school, trips to the park are a necessity!  They need an outlet to expel that extra energy they naturally contain. Park time can be even more entertaining when you bring bikes, scooters, kites, and skates (or Hover boards for the technologically advanced). Aside from taking vacation time, adults typically do not get to take the same time off of work that their kids get off from school - Unless you are a teacher of course! As a result, we have to find alternatives to provide care for our children during work hours. Thankfully, there are local businesses that offer programs that coincide with school breaks. These programs can engage your child in extracurricular activities and provide a chance to gauge what their interests are for the future. Here are a couple of local places that offer holiday camps: Manna’s Martial Arts and De Leon Dynamics. As a kid, I used to love store-bought kits that taught me how to make bracelets and key chains out of beads, string, and plastic. Nowadays, there are kits including pottery wheels, sewing machines, and even candy molds. The possibilities are endless. Any types of arts and crafts are a go-to for me. Sometimes all it takes is the essentials: paper, crayons, paint, glue, scissors, etc. Decorating hand shaped turkeys can also create new decorations and memories. When all else fails…take a vacation! -Aimee Carmichael