Tips to Declutter Your Schedule

Have you found yourself struggling to balance your time? Are you getting confused with dates and plans? Maybe you are finding that each day is completely booked with time for work, family, friends, church, or other activities. Before you start to pull your hair out, here are some tips to help you declutter your schedule:


Be sure to plan around important major events. Mark them on your calendar first to avoid oversights like birthdays, weddings, games, etc. Spread out set dates for extra-curricular activities. Planning too many activities in one week can keep you from completing important tasks. Plan your free time – actually schedule it to make sure it happens. Nothing makes your schedule feel cluttered like having no time to yourself! Eliminate unnecessary plans from your schedule. If checking out the new store down the street on the way home keeps you from finishing a report, you should reconsider your time.


Write it down! Trying to remember dates and times can be the quickest way to missing them. Grab your stickers and washi tape if you want to get creative. Or, if you are more tech savvy, calendar apps can come in handy. Advancing technology like Google Now can help add items to your calendar that you have talked about in conversations on your phone or scheduled online without you even having to think about it. Be sure to double check them.

Plan ahead

Avoid the embarrassment of double booking, by checking your calendar before setting up plans or appointments. You do not want to miss events or have to let someone down by cancelling plans simply because you forgot you had something else to do. Prioritizing and organizing will create the path of finding openings in your time. If your tasks exceed your availability, you should get help with them. Work can be the main culprit for scheduling stress. Be sure to delegate minor tasks. That can help you focus on other major items. Don’t be intimidated if it sounds tedious. Valuing your schedule can help you find more value in how you spend your time. We hope these tips to declutter your schedule have helped!