Tips for Back to School Shopping

It is almost time for school again kiddos! Summer vacation is coming to an end. Whether your children spent time with family members, went to summer camp, or stayed at home all summer, it is time to get in gear for the new school year. With a new grade level approaching, your child (or you) will need new school supplies ready to go. When considering back to school shopping, you will need to take the level of education into consideration.scissors and a yellow highlighter

School Supplies

• For elementary school students, you will need the basics: coloring supplies, glue, scissors, etc. Clothes that are easy to play in and maneuver will be best to accommodate for recess times. Some schools request materials to be purchased in bulk at the beginning of the year and donated to the class, including teacher supplies such as white board markers. • Middle school students are starting the habit of a more structured learning schedule. With the possibility of multiple teachers, they will start regular use of binders and other items like protractors and subject-specific items. • High school students will most likely be looking for the latest in technology. Now is a good time to purchase a laptop to prepare them for college habits. Scientific and graphing calculators will most likely be in use by this time. Lots of binders and notebooks will be needed for various classes. • When it is time for college, having a good computer or laptop with a printer will be a great advantage. For those continuing in math courses, expect newer, more expensive, calculators to be added to the list. Many professors desire a designated binder and/or notebook that they can grade individually based on organization and completeness. Don’t forget….Books, books, and more books! Be sure to leave room in your budget for the required reading materials. For all levels, you might need new lunch bags, back packs, and essentials like paper and pens. Many teachers also have class specific items that are needed for projects or requested by the teacher. Don’t forget the newest fashion might be important to your little (or big) ones, so stay tuned to what is the latest trend. It is best to start back to school shopping early, as some stores have deals and discounts before the school year starts. You may also want to check online, but be sure to keep track of available delivery dates. Happy shopping!