Tips For a Stress Free Move

Planning to move? Worried it's going to be stressful? Check out these tips for a stress free move!  

Plan Ahead

Make a list of what steps you need to take during your moving process. Do research for your movers. If you are hiring a moving company, you should ask them about specific fees. Some companies charge for hours worked, distance driven, and potentially the distance to move items from the moving truck to their specific destination. If you are blessed with volunteers, be sure to incorporate snacks, mealtimes, and especially drinks if the move will take an extended period of the day. You will also need to decide if you want to hire movers just for loading and unloading or to help with packing also. Planning what size truck you need is also important. You will need to consider how much can fit in the truck at once when properly packed and if multiple trips are necessary or cost effective. Get advice from professionals for what size truck you need and how long the move will take to complete the move. If you will be putting your belongings in storage, you will also need to research what size storage unit is right for you. Be sure to measure your items to make sure they will fit in certain doorways and hallways. Finding broken items caused by movers or yourself can be very discouraging during or after a move. Avoid unnecessary replacements and loss of memorabilia by packing everything before moving day, and do it carefully. You do not want to waste moving time or pay extra fees for the mover by packing during loading time.

Make Packing Work for You

If you are the type to put clothes and stuffed animals in plastic bags, make sure they are durable and avoid snags. Boxes should be carefully taped to prevent the bottom from opening or the top from sinking in. Label each box by room for easy unpacking. Wrap fragile items with stretch wrap, bubble wrap, or box inserts. Wrap drawers with stretch wrap to prevent them from opening while they are being transported. If it does not make the furniture too heavy, you might also want to pack stuff inside of the drawers to save space. Cover mattresses and sofas to protect from dust, dirt, and damage. Some moving companies offer the service of protecting your items with wrapping or cover for an additional fee or it can be included in their moving package. Get rid of items you really don’t want or need. Why move useless junk from one spot to the next? Last but not least, take a deep breath. You can do this.