What Can Not be Stored in a Storage Unit

Not sure what you can't store? Check out this list our Manager submitted to help you as you're planning.

Storage No No's

First and foremost, do not EVER try to live in a storage unit. Storage units are great for your belongings, not for your daily living space. Drive Up Storage Units East Mesa - Storage West Be sure to remove anything flammable or explosive – chemicals or cleaning supplies, toxic waste, and hazardous materials. We do not allow cars with leaking fluids, ammunition, or firearms either. Do not place live or previously living plants or animals in storage. They can attract unwanted guests inside. You should also not consider storage as a handy place to keep your pets. Do not place people in storage…willing or unwilling. Food! Clean anything with food remnants like couches, dirty refrigerators, kids’ items, etc. before placing them in storage. Do not forget this includes pet food. Food packages or remnants can attract unwanted pests like roaches, ants, and rodents. Bottles of alcohol or other liquids can bust in high temperatures, creating a mess for you and your storage neighbors. Science experiments are better in a controlled environment. Heat sensitive items like vinyl records should be stored in a unit that is climate controlled. Candles, waxes, or other materials that can melt would not be fun to clean up when you are ready to move your belongings out of storage. Irreplaceable memorabilia like photos, heirlooms, important documents, or collectibles would fare better in a different space for safekeeping. Try an indestructible safe to guard them from effects like fire or water damage. Money, gold bars, art, jewelry, or anything of high monetary value should not be left in storage. It is best to get rid of trash BEFORE you start packing your belongings in the unit. Cleaning out on the day you move out of a storage unit, only to find that most of it is trash, is not a good reflection of your spending. Why pay to hold onto things you do not want? Most importantly…no people. Did we mention that already?