What to Do with All Your Child’s Art and School Work Keepsakes

Since my daughter started school this year, we have accumulated a collection of artwork from her class, daycare, and just for fun. With her developing reading and writing skills, I have become attached to her writing assignments since they showcase her development. Now I am at the point of wondering…what do I do with all this stuff?!child's drawing with Priority Moving Magnet

Display it

My daughter loves to see her artwork and passed tests on the refrigerator. I even rotate her artwork in the office. Eventually, I plan to post her work as decoration in a craft room or use it to decorate her own room.

Toss the less significant

I have found that I have to let go of little works of art that I have begun hoarding. Letting your little one draw on an envelope, while waiting at the DMV or doctor’s office, might not be as important in the long run. There also comes a time where I have to let go of the scribbles my daughter made as a toddler since she is at a drawing age. Taking photos of these memories and throwing them away as needed seems to be the best solution to declutter.

Gift it

Grandparents, aunts, distant relatives, and other family members love to receive memoirs of your little one’s childhood.

Repurpose it

There are also ways to preserve these keepsakes in a fun way. You can shrink your child’s artwork to the size of a keychain or magnet. You can also choose your all-time favorite(s) to turn into a tattoo to keep for life!

Store it

Many of our Storage West community members keep their children’s work in a plastic bin for their memories, and I have seen many happy faces while they reminisce. As time progresses, I know that our collection will multiply quickly. I plan to start a memory book, or multiple ones, since I have a budding artist on my hands. My daughter’s previous teacher made a collection book for kindergarten, and I am excited for the upcoming years. -Aimee Carmichael Storage West Carmel Mountain